I take this opportunity to shed some light on a subject that comes up from time to time. Ok, if the truth be known, I get several enquiries a day asking why training is, in their view, so expensive. They even ask “Hugh, if you’re making money trading, why don’t you just give it to us for free?” … perhaps, a good question but let me explain.

Expensive training compared to what? The average cost of tuition for a university in America is $5,000 to $50,000 per year. Add to that another $8,000 to $12,000 for food and living expenses. Graduate and stand in line to apply for a job. If you’re lucky and get an interview, you may have a 1 in 500 chance of actually getting hired… for a job where a boss will dictate your every move, for much less money than you could earn trading.

Expensive training compared to what? Learn on your own and you will readily see how quickly your equity will vanish. One bad trade and most traders are done… back to their old jobs. Imagine had you spent that loss on actually learning what to do!

Expensive training compared to what? Other courses? Frankly, there is nothing that compares course-wise to what we do. I have – as many of you have – gone through other courses that cost much more. Are you reaping the benefits as much as with ours? I know of folks who paid many thousands for other, spiffier courses yet still cannot execute a trade. Who do you think pays for their television ads? Their high priced presenters and those costly hotel rooms? Our system is all on line, at your convenience, on your terms. More effective training at an efficient price leads to more people learning how to trade consistently profitably.

Training is only expensive if you do not derive any benefit. Pay attention, learn the material and you will soon make up for any costs associated with the learning.

If we gave it for free, you still would lose simply because you would have no ‘skin in the game’. We treasure things only when we make a sacrifice to obtain them. In fact, my business advisors continue to criticize me for practically giving this away; they claim the value is much, much more. Their stance is: “you paid dearly to learn this system, Hugh, if you charged 10 times the price you currently do, they’re still getting it for a deep discount. Don’t be foolish: have some self respect!” I agree.

If you think our courses are expensive, try the cost of ignorance.


Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.


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