It is incumbent upon the trader to understand the reality and truth in relations to the financial markets. While hard work, objective study and historical observation purport to be the best methods, how economies function and move civilizations through recessions and periods of wealth is a political process. It is, in reality, altruism and to stamp out hunger but it boils down to an insatiable desire for leaders to control.

Capitalism existed in the U.S. in it’s purest form for only 137 years, between 1776 and 1913. It was then that the Sixteenth Amendment was adopted, instituting the power to tax income at unequal rates. Since that time, the moral squads have rallied support through their versions of a code of ethics, classically held religions. Since the late 1700’s, the state had assumed the role of God to define the public good, in the form of welfare or sacrifice to others. Throughout the ages, philosophers had come to despise wealth, choosing welfare over work. Even Karl Marx’s mother has been quoted, “If Karl, instead of writing a lot about capital, had made a lot of it …it would have been much better.”

Humans are genetically predisposed to hate poverty. Our lives are structured to escape it and its insecurity. Even the hypocritical leaders who preach otherwise prefer wealth to poverty. The desire to work is a core value of men who want to use their success to attract women, who in turn, want to marry successful men in order to have security in raising children.

Society is quickly changing, where wealth is considered a target or unethical. We are encouraged to make money, but not too much, lest we be considered unfair or immoral. After all, the poor must also be taken care of, right? Fact is, this idea of ‘fairness’ has been modified. Supporters of altruism have a different version of ‘fairness’, based upon their standard of life, usually substandard to those who actually want to improve theirs. Truth be known, only code of ‘fairness’ is mutual respect for each other. This is usually predicated by politicians, this indifferent to your life but certainly not their own. Have you ever heard a politician offer to be the first to volunteer in battle in Iraq?

Politicians continue to erode our freedoms in the name of ‘fairness’, redistributing wealth, when in reality, they buy votes to maintain personal power. History overseas is now coming to the U.S. as never before, and society is too blind to see the obvious. What was started and scoffed as in the Clinton era is tame compared to the current Administration. Societal thinking is quickly turning left and is not a stretch to consider that trading the markets may one day become an obsolete profession. Know that our business is grounded on capitalism concepts and ideas.

To be a successful trader, you must be mentally free to practice trading. In order to do that, you must be free to defend yourself in the battle of ideas. Know that making money is not only a normal humanly desire for survival, but is perfectly moral. How much you make is entirely up to you and you should never be ashamed of what you drive, live in or the affluent lifestyle you choose. Finally, believe that you do not owe society your life, just like others do not owe you theirs. is your source for effective day trading.


~Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.



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