Ever wonder how some people become bosses? Most of us have worked for, you know, what we may consider a high functioning sociopath. Some are so clued out, it’s not even funny. One boss even asked an underling “Do they have Facebook in Toledo?”

How these incompetents take on supervisory positions would astound most, but is understandable how it happens. “Companies often choose the wrong people. The criteria for what makes someone a really good producer, salesperson or researcher may not be the criteria that makes a good leader,” say Linda A. Hill, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. Essentially, what happens is that the best workers get approached to train others. Some folks are incredibly proficient technically but get promoted to a level of incompetence. How does one turn down a promotion, even if they don’t want the supervisory role? They are taken out of their element, where they are comfortable being the best, and thrust into a position of having to manage. While they may be able to teach technical skills, they often lack the management skills required for the job.

A bad boss is the top reason people hate their jobs. A recent study suggests that only 30% are engaged at work, while another 20% are actually depressed. A boss bears much of that load, good or bad.

Working for a living, especially for a bad boss, can take a toll on your own emotions, your home life and even your health. That is one reason you often hear me stress how options trading can solve those problems. Working for yourself is indescribable to someone who has never done it. Liberating, self determination and freedom are words that come to mind.

Ideally, the new trader should learn the program, then trade part time until he/she feels comfortable enough to transition over… then fire your boss!


Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.


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