People love to blame us when things go wrong. Truth be known, it’s not always our fault, hard to believe, I know.   lol


Problem: Not getting emails you think you should

Solution: Check your spam, junk, promotions and other mailboxes before contacting us. Often times, servers love to deposit our mail there. Simply locate and move it to your Inbox; that should resolve the issue. Another problem could be that you inadvertently unsubscribed from our server, Constant Contact. This can happen if you unsubscribed from another of their clients. Simply resubscribe and make sure you confirm the email they will send you.


Problem: You are unable to register to our webinars

Solution: Not sure why that happens but it’s a GoToWebinar/Meeting issue but just log on with the access code provided. Join us a few minutes early and email us know if you still can’t connect.


Problem: Sound quality is poor on webinars

Solution: Usually a bandwidth issue that can be resolved by closing any non essential internet programs. Also check for correct speaker configuration. Logging off and on also often fixes the problem.


Problem: No audio on meetings/webinars

Solution: Ensure that you have a working microphone/speakers or headset. Check both hardware and software settings. Check this before you come on so we don’t waste precious time.


Problem: You did not receive your webinar registration codes

Solution: For Trading Room, let us know by 8 pm, ET, Sunday night if you don’t have the schedule. Thursday night webinar links go out shortly after 4 pm, ET. Contact us at that time, not just before the event.


Problem: You cannot see our screen during webinars

Solution: You likely minimized it while waiting for us to start in order to do other work. Find the link at the bottom of your screen and maximize the GoToWebinar screen.


Problem: PayPal issues

Solution: Ensure you understand what you purchased/subscribed. Don’t know? Ask us. We will help however we can but know that we do not have access to your personal account information.


This should help most of our technical issues. If you are still having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us.



-~ Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at

February, 2020