Bernardo, hails from hurricane torn Puerto Rico, got the training, Inner Circle, Trading Room and personal coaching… in short, committed to learning this thing called day trading SPY options. I admired his tenacity. And it paid handsomely.

After learning the material, he paper traded. Then moved to real money, starting with about $2,000. A few short months later, he advanced his investment as his account grew. And grow it did.

Real trades, real money… do the math.

In this screen shot below, his first purchase of the day was the 294 calls for 1.50, sold 4 minutes later for 1.60 for a gain of .10, or $350 on 35 contracts. Followed up with another trade, he made $280, then $385 (gross of commissions). That’s over $1,000 for the day, done by 10:36 am.

At this point, he was injecting over $5,000 in trades, exiting a few minutes later for a modest gain.

It’s about trading with a working strategy, exercising discipline, waiting patiently when required and systematically taking profits off the table. Then doing it all over again. All his trades were done before lunch.

Last I spoke to Bernardo, he was trading $14-16,000 per trade, earning several thousand dollars daily.

Congratulations… you mastered it well. We are extremely proud of you!