Daily Bread and Butter Strategy

Hugh’s core trading strategy

What you’ll get in the Daily Bread and Butter Strategy

USD $1,997


Options Fundamentals

Gain an understanding of this derivative with all its rights and obligations, calls and puts, options chains and which ones to trade, who controls them, how they are priced, and more. (Video)


Money Management

Proper money management is key. Hugh presents his take on managing money to understand the risks so you can avoid making costly trading mistakes. (E-book and video)


Chart Patterns

Learn several incredible chart patterns that we use every day, how to interpret them, how they are formed, what to expect when they manifest themselves, and more. (Video)


Support and Resistance

Learn why you need to know them, how they are formed, how to calculate and use them effectively to estimate expected and potential returns on your investment, and more. (E-book and video)


The Greeks

Understand these key parameters and how they factor into pricing models; Greeks differentiate options from other derivatives, how they interrelate and how to manage them. (Video)


Bread and Butter Strategy

Hugh’s go-to strategy – learn how to use key indicators to provide potentially extraordinary gains when you master this methodology. (E-book and video)


Four weeks in Hugh's Trading Room

Four (4) weeks of access to Hugh’s Trading Room.

Expect to be trading real money in about a month for a respectable daily gain using our signature Bread and Butter technique.

Other great DayTradeSPY resources

Hugh's Inner Circle

Stay in the loop with Hugh’s Inner Circle. Subscribers get a daily market analysis before the opening bell and evening follow-up with a screen shot of Hugh’s actual trades. Members are also invited to participate in our interactive Thursday night meet-ups, where we discuss the events of the day!


Headed up by the original developers of Think or Swim®, Tastyworks staff are very supportive and responsive to clients’ needs. Trades are delivered to the market with lightning speed; Hugh’s top priority in a broker. Commissions are only $1 to open, $0 to close*… and get this… commissions are capped at $10! (restrictions apply)

Hugh's Trading Room

Interact with expert traders Hugh and Alex as they trade in real, live-market conditions. These morning sessions are fully narrated with the expectation of entering a trade, earning a profit and enjoying the rest of our day. This program is so vital to trading success that we include it in all of our masterclasses!