What Our Clients are Saying...

“excellent coaching job”

I must say, that was a beautiful repair. Excellent coaching job. I was down at $7,000. Closed repair with a + $150. Thank you so much!

-Samuel K.

“…and just getting started”

I made more than $4,700 with Pick of the Day trading the first month, and just getting started. Thanks so much for what you guys do!

-Steve H.

“done in less than 10 mins”

Feel free to share my last month record of 15 trades. 13 winners between 4% & 20% with only 2 losers. I’m usually done in less than 10 mins.

-Eric S.

Thanks guys, you rock.  This is my first training and I am excited.  Since March I have had ups and downs with my profits and loses but I am learning a lot.  You hear this all the time, so one more time “I appreciate you guys, because this doesn’t feel like a service.  You guys have excellent bed side manner” lol

Otha M.

Was in the 368 calls for 3.73, down $2k over the weekend. Just sold for 4.17!!  (11.8% profit)

Rob S.

Thank you for the lessons on how to trade SPY options.

DayTradeSPY  made it all possible. I knew noting about options prior to taking your course. I have only been trading SPY for about a month now. I still have a lot to learn, but I definitely have a better understanding on how to trade options. I have a very good feeling about 2021.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Thank you!

Rich C.

1 loser 3 winners. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this support makes.

Greg M.

I made $8500 last week. It was amazing!

David C.

Hi Hugh. Video not bad. You are getting hi-tech. I think things have changed for the better since I joined and trained over 5 years ago. (Although I kind of liked the simple old days.) Keep up the good work. What you teach works. Thank you.

John W.

I took 20-30 cent gulps on calls all day from the second the market opened. It was amazing! 😃

David C.

Thanks so much.  You guys are so efficient.  I love it. 

Robb S.

Hi Hugh-

Wanted to share with you two trade repairs I made today. This is my first such success. Feel free to share if you would like to do so. I have been with DayTradeSPY since late April. In general, good steady success. Have had a few big losers though.

In addition, I tried following the video on Repairing Trades. Unfortunately, my 4 previous attempts were unsuccessful. Until today.

 Trade #1

Bought 2 June 19 322 calls for 4.52 on June 10 at 8:32 CST. Trade quickly turned against me. I bought 2 additional contracts on June 11 for 1.00 attempting to average down cost. Based on the late week trend, I wasn’t feeling real good about this. But this morning, I attempted to apply your principles and bought 40 more contracts at 0.14 at 9:08 this morning. If my math is correct, this brought my average cost down to 0.378. I really wasn’t that confident I would get a 6% profit. Just was hoping to breakeven (before commissions & fees). Lo and behold, I got filled at 0.38 at 1:17 this afternoon!

 Trade #2

Bought 2 June19 309 calls for 5.05 on June 12 at 8:41CDT. Trade turned south quickly. This morning, I bought 4 more contracts for 1.38 at 9:02. This brought my average cost down to 2.60. With today’s run up I was able to get filled at 2.74 at 1:01pm for a 5.4% profit. I was pleased to get a successful repair!

 I still have a lot to learn, especially around money management and repairing trades. But these two examples definitely gave me confidence I can figure this out.

 Thanks for opening my eyes to a new income producing/trading strategy.

Jon S.

I made more than $4,700 with Pick of the Day trading the first month, and just getting started. Thanks so much for what you guys do!

Steve H.

I just wanted to thank you for making the point in Friday’s TR that people were reporting winning trades but not their  loosing trades. I like that you and Hugh shows results of all trades both good and bad. This is good, especially for new traders to show that there is a risk to trading and there will be loosing trades.

Phil K.


You are the MAN Hugh! You and Dale are the BEST!! I hope you are staying safe!!!

Kent C.

Thank you so much, Hugh! I am really enjoying the training.

Mark J.

You have really been exceptional shepherding your peeps through this crazy time. 

Greg S.

I tell anyone who asks me how I can afford to travel so much, about you.

I have traveled before, but I always had to watch my budget. Traveling is the thing I enjoy…. but now I can do more when I travel. Whether it is upgrading to a penthouse in Kyiv, Ukraine, or getting a deluxe beach front suite in Oludeniz Beach, Turkey…. or just buying a great meal wherever I’m at. And the extra money allows me to treat my friends well when we travel. Myself, I don’t need much, but I do like to treat my friends nice and make good memories. I like to buy experiences.

You’re teachings and guidance have allowed me to enjoy more of what I like in life.

John L.

American, signing on from Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Another great scalp day today, Hugh… I made 24% in 5 trades and had a blast doing it!

Steve L.


I am 30 – 0 <30 wins, 0 losses> since I bought the Ultimate Training Package in November. I’m just grateful. Thanks Hugh for  helping me.

Jeff. J.


I made over 21% on your pick of the day trade today… I can’t thank you enough for that! This morning’s trading room was very fun and exciting!

Trent B,


I Love your analysis(s) Alex. They are always straight forward and pragmatic. I also like your consistent check list type of advice regarding EMA’s and MACD etc. As a former pilot I had a checklist that I went through each and every time before take off. I view trading like flying, the similarities are amazing! You are a great addition to Hugh’s team !

Kevin C.


Thanks for an excellent training, your instructions are really helping me… the results of the drills are pleasantly surprising. 

Vicente A.


I am very pleased with the way you are conducting the 100k Club… I like the conservative way you trade and show patience. I am already learning from you that yours is the better way… I have been trading on and off for many years.and still trading at 86. DayTradeSPY is by far the best I have found. It is relatively simple and consistent. I know I will learn how to be a better trader from participating with you in the 100k Club. Hugh Grossman is lucky to have you on board. Thanks again for doing this!

Phil K.


Thanks for making this possible!   (BME medal from the Queen of England and Prince Charles for work with street kids in Guatemala)

Darold O.


I watched the OMG video several times, took notes, made a spreadsheet checklist.

Today I was able to place my first simulated trade using the info. In and out in just a few minutes 6% profit.

This is VERY exciting…. thank you so much for making this available!  This is going to make such a difference in my life.

Susan L.


Hugh, thanks for the advice yesterday.  I have NEVER been so excited to lose $25k in my life.  When the news broke about China Tarrifs (200B), the market came down and I sold my puts at market (when it bottomed out).  I went from a $150k unrealized loss to a $25k loss.  LOVE IT!

Just wanted you to thank you for your advice as I was about to sell yesterday and take a much bigger hit.

Steven P.


It’s been over 7 years since I took your “Double Your Money” course and coaching calls. Over the years, I have yet to find a more powerful method (for my personality) than what you taught me and I am so glad to see that you are standing the test of time. Please don’t ask me why I got to a certain level of success, dropped it, and started looking for something else! But after reading your kindle book, I know I’m not the only one..lol!

Jay H.


 … please don’t stop this service, at least not for a few more years!!! I’ve seen a lot of stuff and listened to a bunch of webinars over the last several years…. I have to put your work at the very top!!

Joe M.



<reporting 6% by 9:32 am, 10% by 9:38 am, 6% by 9:40 am  and another 10% by 9:52 am on April 6/18>

After 4 days of successful paper trading I’m definitely becoming a believer that I’ve finally found something I can supplement my retirement rather than going out and trying to find a part time job.  And this is during a more volatile period and with completing only a portion of the Ultimate Training Course.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

John J.

ON, Canada

Hugh, I had the pleasure of visiting Honduras recently. My wife and I with your help at DayTradeSPY have invested in a high school nursing program that will revolutionize healthcare in the country.

Thanks again for not only helping individuals but impacting a country!

Darold O.


I’m simply amazed at how you trade (having seen you a few times now). I think your system and approach to trading is terrific. I know this is for me.I’ll be getting the training materials shortly and can’t wait to hone my skills as a trader. Thank you for what you do for us.

Jacob B.


39 out of 41 profitable scalp… at 3 cents take profit.  All 41 scalps within 2 hours in the morning!  Good price action in the morning!

David C

Very rarely if ever in life to you find a good honorable man to call a friend, let alone trading mentor… 

Hugh is the epitome of both and it is honor and privilege to know and call him a friend…

I have spent thousands, if not tens of  thousands, finding some one reputable and successful 

 He is truly one of a kind

 God bless 


For the first time in my life, I’m actually looking forward to Monday.

Bill M.

Hugh:  I guess I got lucky on the scalp from yesterday when you got filled at $3.61 but mine didn’t.  I got filled this morning at 18% profit!

Rob F.

I’d be lost if I hadn’t discovered you guys. You guys are on each shoulder when I trade. I value these discussions.

David C.

Just wanted to share my excitement regarding a trade repair today. Not only did the video lesson help, but doing more of these continues to build my confidence (although the fewer, the better)!

On 6/24, at 8:36am while in the Trading Room, I chose to enter the July 2 312 calls. bought 3 contracts at 4.32. As we all knew, SPY turned shortly after that, I was keeping an eye on the position, but wasn’t feeling real good as we finished out the week. But I was prepared to repair either yesterday or today.

The opportunity did not present itself yesterday (side note, I was visiting my daughter in Denver over the weekend to celebrate her 25th birthday, so was spending most of my time with her on Monday).

While in the Trading Room this morning, I was paying close attention to Alex’s comments about a potential repair for the 312 calls and what price levels to look for. At 9:03am CDT, I went in heavy. Bought 30 contracts for .53. Averaged in at .875.

I set up a limit order for .94 for about a 7% gain (calculation error, wasn’t trying to get greedy!) Sometime before lunch I noticed I came up 1 cent short of getting filled. However, with the late rally today, I am pleased to report I got filled at .94 at 2:31pm CDT. A 7.4% gain. A fantastic repair considering how dire things looked last week.

Thanks again to both of you for your knowledge and real time guidance!

Jon S.


I’m just so ecstatic with a SPY trade I just completed that I just had to send this to you… not to be bragging… but to just exemplify how my life has changed since I started daytrading SPY.

Bght SPY 307 Put  Jun 12 (today’s) expiration this AM for 1.61 and sold about 30 min later for 2,75… for a whopping 71% profit.

My goodness… Does it ever get better than this?

Just for good  measure… I just added a second SPY trade (remember, I’m addicted)

 Bght SPY 303 Put again the Jun12 expiration for 2.10 and sold for 3.27 for a 56% profit.

 So… 127% profit for the day… and it’s only 9;30 AM mountain time

Dennis A.

Hi Hugh…. just to let you know how I’m doing. Most of the time I do scalping. Thanks for your teachings. While the COVID19 is hitting our communities, this is the best way to spend the time. I just learned to trade SPY ‘right on time’. (Made 37.22% ($3,660) profit day 1 and another 36.9% ($5,270) on day 2)

Bernardo R.

Hi Hugh, I’m so pleased you did that training a couple of weeks ago. I am back on track.

Tuesday 6.1%

Wednesday 6.1%

Thursday 6.1%, 6.1% and a 6.3%,

Thank you!!

Ange T.

I can not thank you enough for your teaching skill, patience, and kindness that has made my retirement so much fun. Hugh, I do not need the money but I enjoy the intellectual challenge.
Rest assured that a portion of the money I make will go to organizations that support our Vets and those affected by Corona and by extension you get the lions share of the credit.
Just think of the lives that you are touching in a positive way and in turn they are touching the lives of those who are not so fortunate

Kevin C.

Not based on this afternoon at all!  I admired your guts for hanging in there and swinging for the fence lol.  Honestly I thought it was a great learning opportunity to see the difference in a very conservative play and an aggressive one!  Yours had the potential to pay off big time but also came with a big risk that everyone got to see play out.  Especially enjoyed the post game analysis that you provided.

Brad R.


Hi Hugh…. just to let you know how I’m doing. Most of the time I do scalping. Thanks for your teachings. While the COVID19 is hitting our communities, this is the best way to spend the time. I just learned to trade SPY ‘right on time’. (Made 37.22% ($3,660) profit day 1 and another 36.9% ($5,270) on day 2)

Bernardo R.

Wow…that was fast…clearly not dealing with some government agency here.

I find that first impressions of a company are usually the correct ones…and certainly lasting ones.  This is a good sign for you guys…good work.

George T.


This experience has given me so much and I am grateful for all you taught me.

Kamila Z.

My trips overseas would not be possible without your teachings and guidance. I really don’t know what to say, except thank you!!!

John L.

American, signing on from Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Coming from a person who blew thousand of dollars between the market and foo foo programs, this is the best program ever. There is absolutely nothing better.

Jeff J.


Thank you for you guidance and support.  You have been a good mentor and a great teacher. Day Trade Spy has provided a great abundance of very useful information. I love it!

Ron C.


Great call this morning, now you know why I call you the Bhagwan (A guru or revered person – often used as a proper name or form of address). 

You are the best !!!!

Eric S.


Thanks Hugh,

You were correct in your initial assessment in that I was very very close to being where I need to be. The trading room has helped a bunch. I paper traded the first 3 days and real money traded yesterday and today, all with predictable (and good) results! 

Steve V.


We have been with you for several years and really like you. We both enjoy your live trading rooms. Your notifications and your trading room picks are very good.

Rebecca C.


Thank you for being warm, friendly and professional. I knew after my initial discussion with Hugh that this training was going to be different, and it really has proven to be just that!

John J.

ON, Canada

Hope this finds you well.  I note from Dale’s emailings that you have a nice run of profitable SPY trades mounting up.  I haven’t touched base with you for awhile, so just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and trading SPY (and still addicted!).

So here are my trades today… Oct 24

Bought SPY Oct 26  272 Put… in at 2.16 and out at 2.80 for a 30% profit.

Bought SPY OCT 26 270 Put… in at 2.29 and out at 2.52 for a 10% profit.

So… 40% profit for the day (both trades before midday) and took the afternoon off.

(Double Digit Daily) Dennis A.


So far, I’m happy to tell you that I’m making money month after month by following your advise from ‘Inner Circle Access’?.  Unfortunately, I don’t have 25K in my account to trade daily. Having said that , I’m okay so long as my account is growing month after month & with patience, I know one day my account will reach 25K.

Many thanks for sharing your trading experience.

Eugene H.


I am writing today to update you on how pleased I am with your service! My weekly subscription renewed yesterday, so I am two days into my second week of trading. I could not be more pleased with the results! My small account is growing steadily and I am thrilled at the prospects of where it may go in the near future!

Again, thank you, Hugh, for providing such exemplary service!

Patricia O.


 You have helped me clarify my reading of charts, including e-mini futures, and I have not had a losing options trade in the past 2 months. Results like yesterday, see attached, are common. And like you my Friday options that I held beyond closing made me a nice profit Monday. Thank you again for your help.

Alan U.


Thanks again for all you do. I believe you are providing a way for the transfer of wealth to happen for believers and know in my gut that you are both believers.

Debbie H.


That was another 6% for me today. I love these Live Trading sessions. I am a visual person so being able to see you in action and follow along has been a big help to me. Plus I am really learning a lot in terms of the live charting during the trading. Really appreciate the training and the mentorship.

Dennis S.


I can’t thank you enough… here is my report card:  1/10… 12.3%, 1/11… 14%, 1/12… 13.24%… Wow… this is amazing!  What just happened?! Double digit daily profits… !  no way!

Without any doubt you ARE the BEST guru in this business of teaching people to trade!?

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle W.


Made 375.00 today using your data. Thank you looking forward to future with you all!

Raymond H

I had mentioned earlier today on the Winners Circle Call, that I made 45% on (80) Dec 31 373 calls. But I actually made about 60% on the trade.

I was on a work call when I was playing with the numbers, so my math was not correct.  See the details below.

I bought (40) of the Dec 31 373 calls for .84 on Dec 23rd. I meant to put in a sell order for .90, but by mistake I bought another (40) of the 373 calls. 

The 373 calls closed at .79 on Thursday so I was down on the trade and felt they may go much lower. I got nervous on Saturday night when President Trump did not sign the stimulus bill and felt the market would open much lower. 

On Sunday night I read that President Trump signed the stimulus bill and saw the futures markets were up. I immediately put in a trade to sell (80) of the 373 calls for 1.01. But since the futures markets were way up I got $1.49 for the (80) 373 calls.

I am so happy that the trade worked in my favor. 

Rich C.

I can’t thank you enough, Hugh & Alex. It’s been an incredible experience with you.

Greg M.

Another great morning, 3 trades, grossed $1170, out at 10:20am. I’m nowhere near mastery of your system, but doing a pretty good job following along. I like it!

John H.

I’ve looked around and the crap people are teaching on the Internet is theoretical and most make little actually trading. What you teach is how to make money. I am very pragmatic and I am grateful it was you who showed me how to trade. The Trading Room is a very good example of how to execute a trade and make money or manage the trade, if things go wrong. It is far more complicated, but you make it simple for people and I can’t thank you enough for doing that for me!

David C.

I repaired the 317 calls I got stuck in yesterday when it was in the 312’s this afternoon and sold for a great profit at 315.80. I took some very bad hits in the last few weeks because I did not time my repairs well. Several massive falls.  I feel blessed today! 

David C.

I’ve been intrigued by your trading SPY on same day Friday expiration which I have not done much in the past… so I decided to give it a try today.

Bght SPY Put this AM, 305 strike, Jun 26 expir at 1.39 and sold at 1.79 for 29% profit;

Bght SPY Put this shortly after noon (MT), 301 strike, Jun 26 expir at .88 and sold at 1.09 for a 24% profit.

So… 53% profit for the day… I think I like this!

Dennis A.


Hugh turned me onto the SPY and has made trading a lot more predictable with the Hugh’s Inner Circle morning outlook. I look forward toward to it every morning to get me started.

Mark V.

I was in the groove again today trading puts ten times in the morning before 11am EDT (then off to the open-air gym and the pool) and once quickly in the afternoon.  Also won on the June 8 303 call today.   No losers today and over $2100 after commissions in the bank.  Just loving it.  I pick up a gem or two almost everyday listening to you and Alex and that is making me a better trader indeed.

I really enjoyed our “surprise” discussion on the Thursday evening call.  Thanks for the opportunity to share with your clients.


T.’s DayTradeSPY Paper-Trading Results from 1st Week of Practice (while still only about halfway through the course material; so, just messin’ around, getting the hang of it.)

-20 In-Out Practice Trades during ±1 week, totaling 222 contracts

-$25,000 working capital | $11,036 profit earned = 44% ROI in ±1 week of practice trades

-$11,036 earned/$177,295 cumulative investments = 6.2% average gross profit per trade

-2 bad trades totaling a $310 net loss

-1 accidental Buy & Sell of 100 ETF shares, which nevertheless gained 4.8% = $1,191 net profit 🙂


… thought I would check in… and yes, still trading and addicted as ever… today’s trades with SPY… 249 puts for 13%…248 puts for 14%…247 puts for 14%… so, a total profit of 41% for the day.. and just think, Hugh.. you are responsible for all of this!

<Double Digit Daily> Dennis A.


Wanted to reach out and say thanks again. I think I bought most of your PDF’s and attended a weekend boot camp. Also, you have always been response to my emails even when I am no longer part of the inner circle as I was in the past. 

 For any doubters, feel free to share my last month record of 15 trades. 13 winners for between 4% and 20% with only 2 losers. I usually am done in less than 10 minutes. 

I tweaked my process a bit to get higher returns and greater consistency and it is awesome. Thanks for advice in the past on how to scale up. For the past three weeks, I have watched the daily option go up between 50 and 100% and sometimes 300% or more. If anyone would tell me that an option goes up 50 to 100% consistency every single day, I would think they are full of it.  

However, since I am actually in many of these trades and see it for myself, It is really amazing. Feel free to send anybody to me that wants a real life reference. Of course, it has taken practice and personalization of the method to fit my risk tolerance, but it works. 

Eric S.


Just wanted to say thank you! Have been learning a lot. Feeling more and more confident in reading the charts and being able to pick good points to move in and out of trades. This has been a great diversion during some pretty grim times, and have been able to make a little bit of money while having a ton of fun!

Brad R.


I saw this coming and went to cash about 4 weeks ago. At the bottom last Friday I was down .6%. This is remarkably like 2008. That is why DTS rules!

Kevin C.

Wow!!! I am all so grateful for you guys. Tell Hugh I am all so grateful for the extension. I just told the truth and my story. I thank God I found your program.

Jeff J.


… had my 1st 3k day recently… I’m a believer!!!

Mick S.


This week has been amazing. I have profited $1749, OMG. Your Inner Circle is the best place to be. Yes I agree, it should be called the WINNERS circle…. I have tried so many things over the years and avoided trading for FEAR…. but had to write and tell you how grateful I am to have found your training and support.

Ange T.

AB, Canada

 I am encouraged by today’s strong move up and I am relaxed because we have time, as you have told us. I have learned a lot from you about patience and perspective towards the market. Thanks again Hugh. Love being in the room with you and Alex.

David B.


You will never know how much your emails mean to me…. I was also very touched and impressed with your webinar on the work being done with the kids in the ‘trash dump’. I always felt like you were one of the good guys and now I know for sure. I would normally say “may God bless you” but I know He has and is!!! 

Lamar L.


I cannot tell you how much of a weight will be lifted off of me if I can learn this to the point where I would be making a few grand a day… again, many thanks. Really excited to be learning how to do this!

William F.


I started April 8th with $5,000 in new Tastyworks account, trading your SPY options only and have doubled my money…Thanks for all your patience and help!!!!!

Jim P.


Thanks again for this opportunity and for what you do! What you provide is unlike anything I’ve ever signed up for… and trust me, I’ve spent 10’s of thousands on various financial services and “Guru’s” over the years. None of them are even close to what you provide. I’ll pay all day long for this kind of service! Keep it up!

Rob F.


In the month of August, the return on my account balance was a little over 200% but I’m always striving to get better. I deliver mail for the Post Office and it’s a trip trying to deliver and watch my ThinkorSwim on my phone but so far it’s working. I give all the credit to you.

Brian C.


About a month ago, I wrote about having a 7k account and I was taking on too large of a position size. I had a few losing trades after we chatted and the account was under $3,000 at one point. I took your suggestion and only took $1,000 trades…. Because of the smaller trade size I was able to just be patient and take the other trades… At $50-$60 profit a day I plan to have my account up to $10k by the end of December…  Mentally I;’m much calmer which I know helps with trading…   Thanks again.

Tony S.


I’m so anxious to get started, thanks for your help, and thanks for responding, that assures me that I can rely on your company, to mentor me, until I can stand on my own.

Thank you so much Hugh!

Frank R.


… just got taken out at 2.15 from 1.52 for 41%. Best trade yet! Thanks Hugh!

Dennis L.


Hugh Grossman, I was fortunate as I averaged and waited out the 272C for March 9 to hit and it just sold. Whew!

Thank you, Hugh. Much appreciated and also your quick responses. Wonderful.

Mike S.


I’m simply amazed at how you trade (having seen you a few times now). I think your system and approach to trading is terrific. I know this is for me.I’ll be getting the training materials shortly and can’t wait to hone my skills as a trader. Thank you for what you do for us.

Jacob B.


Total Profitable Trades to date since starting: 31

Total Unprofitable Trades to date since starting; 0

Thank God I saw your ad in International Living and decided to take your fall course and give this a try. I really feel good about this…

Ron M.


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