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Tips to Selecting a Mentor

February 27, 2022

Options trading is risky business. Just like athletes and celebrities invoke the services of mentors, so should traders. You have an obligation to do your due diligence in selecting your trading mentor. Just as you would scrutinize the services of an accountant to defend you against the IRS or ensure a lawyer is in your […]

Money to Brains Ratio

January 30, 2022

Just like everything, I find that we are given challenges to our ability to handle them. As our trading experience – and trading accounts – grow, we are given a different set of tests. Harder tests. Something I teach in my course, not found anywhere else, but vitally important as you grow your account… it’s […]

Sequence of a Trade

December 30, 2021

Asked a while back how I get into a SPY options position, I replied just how I did it. Step 1: Check your personal situation… are you well rested, free of medications and 100% in the space? Step 2: Check the news… news moves markets. Knowing what is relevant and how it affects pricing is […]

Welcome New Traders!

November 28, 2021

It is always good to see young, fresh blood enter the markets; very comforting knowing that you are learning how to create wealth on your own without relying on a pay check from an employer. As new traders, you will be exposed to tons of hype, especially from sketchy outfits trying to grab your cash. […]

The Trouble with ‘Free’

September 10, 2021

Who doesn’t like something for free? We sometimes get requests for free trials. “If I like it, Hugh, I’ll subscribe.”, they write. Except one thing: we do not give free trials. We used to many years ago but not anymore. In the end, nothing is free and nobody truly benefits. a) If I give you […]


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Why I Avoid Earnings Trades

August 24, 2021

Four times a year, companies are required to release their quarterly earnings reports. This financial information includes their balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and other important details of their financial health. Usually, a conference call hosted by a top executive accompanies the release, discussing the company’s report. Investors are obviously interested in this […]

Hugh’s Ultimate: Scalping

July 26, 2021

There are never any guarantees in this business; you all know that. But, this can be a high probability win strategy that is not only profitable but a lot of fun. In fact, it may be particularly attractive to those who love to trade… in and out, multiple times a day. Essentially, you are putting […]

Caught Up in GME?

February 6, 2021

Unless you’ve been hibernating the last couple weeks, you would know that some folks on Reddit chatted about GameStop (GME), creating a buzz that sent this stock on a wild run. This lured in many young adults hoping for a big score, entering the market for the first time. Most lost. Many lost big time. […]

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