One gentleman – I’m not even sure when or from where he appeared – Dennis showed up the same as so many. He was unassuming, rarely to be heard from, just plodded along, learned the material, participated in our webinars, training, Trading Room, whatever we presented.

One day, I get an email from him… just made x dollars.

A couple days later… same thing… just made x percentage profits.

A couple days later… same thing… just made x trades.

This pattern persisted.

Unsolicited… daily email reports of massive gains in the market.

Dennis A

Dennis reported stunning results:

  • On July 9, he reported 23.5% for the day on 3 trades.
  • On July 14, he reported 15% for the day on 3 trades.
  • On July 15, he reported 20% for the day on 2 trades.
  • On July 16, he reported only 5% for the day on a single trade… he’s slipping!
  • On July 17, he’s back on track with a 22% profit.

How do I congratulate someone like Dennis? Rare is the day he does not pull out double digit profits!

These screenshots are just a few of his emails. I’ve talked to him many times. I’ve seen the way he trades… exceptional, to say the least. He produced these results on a daily basis.

Dennis A

Clearly, Dennis mastered the art of our trading – he picked up a modest gain, multiple times a day and took home some huge profits by the closing bell.

He just paid attention, traded as he was taught and the results show. Very well done, Dennis!

2021 Update:

There’s a reason we call him ‘Double Digit Daily Dennis’ – just check out the unsolicited emails he sends us from time to time… 60%, 40%, 59.5% profit for the day. That is huge! Spread over several trades, he mastered our strategy, honed his skills to his own style and continues to reap the benefits.

One of the beauties of what we do is that it is adaptable to our clients’ personal preferences. Some traders invest heavy, scalping only 2-3% per trade but do it repeatedly, while still very much following our strategy for identifying entry points. Dennis takes our entry points to heart and rides the wave, pulling in double digits per trade. Check out his last line in the screen shots below: “It’s now noon in Salt Lake City so I’m going to go work out and have lunch.” That, after totalling 59.5% profit for the day!

Dennis still chimes in from time to time with a public appearance on our Thursday night sessions, still every bit trading and making money as never before. Half-in jest, he declared himself as ‘addicted’, and loves it!

Dennis Results
Dennis Results
Dennis Results
Dennis Results