E-books and Videos

1. Options Fundamentals

Video – $149

Trading stock options can make you very rich or you can lose it all. Know your rights and obligations of this highly acclaimed and fastest growing trading instrument. Options are contracts and not like stocks, even though they are based on an underlying equity. This video looks at the fundamental premise of options and explains in simple language how these contracts function in the market.


2. Setting Up Charts

Video – $149

Working with the right tools is paramount to any job, especially trading stock options. Cut the learning curve and get on the same page as us with this video, designed to visually demonstrate how to set up your charts and indicators using the TD Ameritrade Think or Swim™ platform. Ask nicely and Hugh will even log into your computer and help set them up for you using TeamViewer™!


3. Placing a Trade

Video – $149

Similar to Setting up Charts, it is important to understand how best to place trades using the parameters provided in TD Ameritrade Think or Swim™. Hugh divulges his secrets to both entry and exits for the best combination of profit and safety, especially with hundreds of choices in the options chain. Spend the effort and time to learn how to properly execute your positions!


4. Trading Mentality


Confidence Video – $149

One of the key reasons traders fail is due to a lack of confidence. How do you develop this condition, especially after suffering so many losses? We teach you firsthand how to overhaul your thought process, knock off winning trades and build your self-esteem in the market, resulting in even greater, consistent profits. If Hugh can do it, anyone can make money in the market!

Mental Aspects eBook – $149

An expansion on the Confidence module, Mental Aspects covers a wide range of psychological topics related to trading. Never underestimate the importance of understanding the successful trader’s mindset and what sets him or her apart from the masses. It is often said that 95% of traders lose their money in the first year. Your task is to join the ranks of the top 5%!


Trading Between the Ears eBook – $149

Anyone can learn strategy but it is the mental processes that determine the winners from the losers. Trading Between the Ears delves deep into the emotions of trading, using real life examples that cover more than just trading. Master your emotions and the stock market magically transforms into a money tree in your backyard, providing consistent gains almost at will.


Confidence video + Mental Aspects eBook + Trading Between the Ears eBook – $399


5. Solid Gold

eBook – $199

Finally, a publication that covers the soft aspects of day trading. All very important, but strategy is only part of the process. Many intelligent traders can make money on the market but very few can actually keep it. Solid Gold is jam packed with great information to assist your trading career for the long haul. You will also treasure the included Hugh’s favorite tips, tricks and traps!


6. Money Management Techniques

Video – $199

eBook – $199

Money Management Package – $299

This topic is so important, we developed both an e-book and a video to reinforce the concepts. Hardly a week that we do not hear of a trader blowing up his/her account, and all of it, unnecessary.  Before you place your first real trade, be clear on your risks and rewards. View the video, read the e-book, repeat. The market is not forgiving; be prepared!


7. Chart Patterns

Video – $199

eBook – $199

Chart Patterns Package – $299

We fast track you to success, only teaching you certain key patterns we use ourselves on a daily basis.  Remember, master some key chart patterns and reign in the profits. Be stunned by the uncanny accuracy of these patterns, so much so that  you will be drawing the famed ‘Yellow Brick Road’ yourself and following it to the land of wealth! Identify chart patterns to lock in your gains!


8. Support and Resistance

Video – $249

eBook – $249

Support and Resistance Package – $399

We have seen students successfully trade using only support and resistance levels, earning modest yet regular, consistent profits. Learn what these indicators are, how they are formed and why they are so important in your decision making. Ignore them at your own peril. Support and resistance can be horizontal, diagonal and psychological levels as well as other lines.


9. Bread and Butter Strategy

Video – $249

eBook – $249

Bread and Butter Package – $399

Hugh’s go-to strategy, learn how to use key indicators to provide potentially extraordinary gains when you master this methodology.* Some traders invoke this system once a day for a modest 6-8% profit; others trade the system several times daily for double digit daily gains. The setups are simple to follow using standard indicators with minimum customization.


* Past results are not indicative of future performance.


10. Enhanced Bread and Butter Strategy

eBook – $249

This enhanced version of the Bread and Butter Strategy focuses on a key indicator that compares to seeing in the dark using night vision goggles! Learn how it is formed, why it is used and how you can profit much more than the standard 6-8% we aim for. While there are never any guarantees, do brace yourself for much greater gains once you tackle this program!


11. Greeks You Need to Know

Video – $149

The Greeks differentiate options from other derivatives and the underlying stock itself. It would be foolish to ignore these all important factors. Your advantage is that many stock options traders do not comprehend the Greeks, yet with your knowledge, you will have the distinct advantage understanding how they interrelate to the price and how to best manage them!


12. Out of the Morning Gate (OMG) Strategy

Video – $249

Learn an exceptional strategy that just seems to profit extremely well on a daily basis, especially for traders unable to watch the market all day. The power is in its simplicity. The OMG Strategy invokes some key indicators near the market open with distinct entry points. Once purchased, put your options up for sale and let the market work its magic!*


* Past results are not indicative of future performance.


13. Scalping Strategy

Video – $249

Love to trade in and out for a modest 3-4% gains, multiple times a day? Experience the adrenaline rush and overall profitability of scalping which, in our opinion, is most exciting! As with all strategies, there are never any guarantees but scalping on the proper setups satisfies both the need to trade and need for gains. One caveat: it’s addictive!*


* Past results are not indicative of future performance.


14. Repairing Trades Gone Bad

Video – $249

eBook – $249

Repairing Trades Gone Bad Package – $399

All traders have losses from time to time. If anyone ever tells you they never lose, they are lying to you. The key is to learn how to manage losses and bring them back to profit, if possible. Options trading is fluid and knowing how to repair losers is vital to success. We no longer accept losses easily; hence repairing techniques are an absolute must. Learn this now!


15. Triumphs & Tragedies

eBook – $47

Hugh chronicles some of the many traders he has encountered over the years in this insightful, entertaining publication. Be exposed to true life personalities and events, some of which you will identify with yourselves. Some folks made fortunes, others lost it all. Some turned massive failures into stunning gains, others were called home.  Be moved!


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