He had some 14 months of active SPY trading, no great feeling of confidence and generally lost more than he made. Kevin ‘invested – or lost, depending on your point of view’, in his words, about $40k in education. His email to me, was a clear cry for help or, rather, decision time as to going forward on his rocky road to success.

Live Trading

A few more emails back and forth and Kevin is now scalping bigger dollars for smaller gains multiple times a day to earn knock out profits. The email below is one of many. This outstanding trader is now on the verge of quitting his 9-5 has now quit his 9-5 job and is trading full time with part time hours. He occasionally emails me, telling of amazing gains trading many times before lunch.


So, what exactly happened here? He was about to wrap it up and suddenly, he’s quit his job to trade?

The answer is successful trading is a long, arduous process. There is no one book or video you can absorb that will take you there. Just like there is not even a single course that will teach you to become a competent physician, one must experience the winners and losers along the way.

It is more of a learning experience about yourself, and knowing that this is not a ‘one size fits all’. What style are you most comfortable trading? I may prefer our signature Bread and Butter Strategy. Someone else may opt for the Out of the Morning Gate approach. Kevin found his niche in scalping. Suddenly, he discovered that using our setups, which occur many times during the day, work better for him when he dropped his expectations from about 18% a trade to 2-4%. He can trade this methodology many times before the closing bell. On larger investments, this adds up to thousands of dollars profit a day…. and it’s more fun!