10. Anyone Can Do It

You don’t need a degree in Finance or have a Wall Street career to learn to trade stocks. In fact, you don’t even need to know everything there is to know about the markets. If the last thing you traded was baseball cards as a kid, you could still master the art and science of trading. With the help of my coaching, I can get you up, running and making serious money in the markets within a month.

9. Time to Fire Your Financial Guru

The Internet is the great equalizer. All relevant data is available to you just as it is to your broker, advisor and funds manager… no one has any material advantage. No one should care more about your money than you should. They certainly don’t care about your money. In fact, they are making incredible sums of money from your investments, while passing along a pittance to you.

8. Making Money on the Market is Not That Difficult

If you know how. Those last four words, my friend, is the operative phrase here… ‘if you know how’. The stock market is, in fact, very generous indeed. By knowing just a few key points, the market will reward you for your discipline, your patience and even your average intelligence. Even famed investor Warren Buffet said you only need an average IQ to make a great living on the markets.

7. Free Your Time

I teach a particular strategy that allows you to ‘work’ only maybe a half hour or so in the morning. Most people make their money before the rest of the world has had their first coffee break. This frees up your time to do other things, like spending it with your family, travelling, enjoying life and volunteering for greater causes. Put your efforts where they count; let your money work for you, not you for it.

6. Work When You Want

Trading allows you to work when you want, as much or as little as you want. Truth be known, the market does not reward you for overtime. In fact, quite often, if you’re in a trade in the afternoon, you end up losing. I can show you the optimum times to trade and surprise you to know that the greatest returns involve trading no more than an hour a day. Your challenge will be leaving your computer.

5. Work Wherever You Want

Imagine a lifestyle that allows you to ‘work’ anywhere there is an Internet or cell phone connection. I’d like to say you can trade anywhere in the world but the fact is, you can even trade in outer space should you have the pleasure of visiting there. I’ve traded on the beach in Mexico, in ski chalets, airport lounges and hotel rooms. I’ve even traded using my smart phone in coffee shops.

4. No Pandering to the Authorities

Imagine a business with now shareholders to appease, no government agencies ready to close you down, no bosses to answer, no franchisors, suppliers and bankers to split profits, no employees to contend and no customers to satisfy. You just envisioned the perfect business… online stock trading. Ease the stress in your life. Enjoy an enviable lifestyle.

3. Start with Little Investment

Several thousands of dollars is all you actually need to get started. There is no other business that has the potential, the real possibility of securing your financial future with so little money. A computer with an Internet connection is all the equipment you’ll need, a little seed money and some personal mentoring with a qualified trader gets you quickly on the road to financial independence.

2. Incredible Profits with this Coveted Career

Trading is exciting, sexy and everyone in your circle will be curious. It’s garnered a lot of attention in recent years and the profits that can be gained can be much greater than can be imagined. The best part is, you don’t have to spend 10+ years on post grad education to make more money than doctors and lawyers. All you need to master is your emotions and a couple easy trading strategies.

1. I Can Help You Achieve Your Potential as a Successful Trader

You have the benefit of a true mentor, someone to guide and direct you to quickly start making money in the stock market. With my coaching, I fast track you through many hours of learning unnecessary material. We work ‘one-on-one’, at your convenience through GoToMeeting® sessions, all at a cost you can afford. You will either pay someone to teach you or pay the market: invest in yourself first.

Contact me if you’re interested in learning how to trade stock options. Day Trade SPY can help you achieve trading success and give you the financial stability you strive for.

~ Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.


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