I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jimmie. You often heard him on line, boasting about his trades. Interestingly enough, he was not a boastful kind of guy, just a very proud retired U.S. Marine who found something that works incredibly well.

Jimmie’s been to all the courses, all the expensive programs out there. He’s learned all about complex spreads and longer term swing trades. Commodities, exchange traded funds, forex, equities, futures, options… it’s all there. He stumbled on our system and, without even talking to him, he fully embraced it all. Jimmie made himself a life long student of the program.

In his words, “I bought out the lease on my Lexus, paid for my wife’s Buick and paid off the mortgage on my house.” He averaged incredibly well on his trades and suffers very few losers. Last I spoke to him, Jimmie was averaging about 8% per trade, per day since early May, 2014.

Jimmie understood the concepts, worked each trade and managed his positions. It is no wonder he did well, even when he did not watch his positions minute to minute. It is simply because he had put in his time and effort to learn what needed to be learned.

To give you an example of his confidence in trading, he had enlisted his personal lawyer to be a member of our program. Jimmie was 100% sure that he has found the right program for himself and loved to share it.

One more thing about Jimmie… he was always a straight shooter and eager to help. He would have gladly spoken to anyone who wished to call him, even buying them lunch, should they have visited him in Dallas, Texas. Kudos for releasing your phone number, Jimmie.

Unfortunately, our communication with him ended.

He passed away in 2017.

Rest in peace, my friend!