So, you’re stuck at home. We all are. Time will pass by anyway. How much Netflix can you binge on?

You might as well do something productive… like learn to trade SPY options. Even if you have no intentions of trading, you may later, or you may extend your knowledge to others, should they be interested. Imagine how liberating knowing that your adult kids know how to generate a respectable income from the market!

Where to start? You’ve never traded options before and you’ve heard they are high risk? Absolutely true; options are risky. That is why over 95% of traders drop out in the first year; they simply blow their accounts up. That is why you need us.

Your aim is to be part of the small percentage of winners, because that core group scores significantly higher. And it is because they have mastered the skills required to make this work.

There are several aspects to success in options trading. A successful strategy is certainly key, but that is the easy part. The challenge lies in slaying the dragons in the mirror, especially the ones you can’t see,.. ego, fear and greed. Mastering these gremlins takes discipline and patience, and the ability to decipher which is required when. It is this aspect of training that sets us apart from anyone else, not to mention our unique strategy.

Learning to trade with us covers what you need to know to quickly get n the game.  We only instruct on what we do on a daily basis, cutting down on the learning curve and focusing on what is important. When you understand the strategy, paper trade 20-30 good executions, and only then transition to real money, starting with about $1,000. Ramp it up from there.

Can it be done in 30 days? Yes, if you indulge for 1-2 hours a day through our fast track program.

Are there any guarantees? Absolutely! The guarantee is that you will LOSE your money if you do not know what you are doing. Is there a guarantee that our program will work for you? Not at all. Nobody can guarantee anything of that sort. Your success depends on your receptiveness to learn, risk tolerances, available resources and emotional control. Everyone is different.

We have many success stores and some who failed. They came ill prepared, perhaps with an attitude or under funded. We can only disseminate our information to you. Take it to heart, break away from Tiger King and immerse yourself in some productive work.

Become a successful options trader in 30 days!


– Head Trader Hugh Grossman,

April, 2020





Hugh Grossman is the founder and Head Trader at DayTradeSPY and uses his vast experience to teach his methods to make consistent daily gains trading SPY options. Join Hugh in his interactive Trading Room to see how he regularly pulls in the profits!

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