You can’t make this stuff up!

Several email exchanges back and forth and I was assured Steven was dead serious. He sincerely thanked me because he lost only $25k.

Truth be told, Steven was a busy businessman but he took the course, learned the material well and proceeded to trade big money! It always makes me a bit nervous when that happens because there is no substitute for experience. Steven just started – maybe he traded before, I don’t quite recall – but I didn’t think he had too many trades under his belt, so to speak, before embarking on large trades.

I know he made a lot of money but this time, he found himself under water one day to the tune of $150k. Mentally, he already accepted his fate and was ready to turn it into a realized loss… not good.

I looked over his position, reviewed the released news of the day, checked the upcoming news, got the visual on technicals and suggested that, if it was me, I would hold off and see what tomorrow brings. My analysis indicated the market was to go back in his direction and he just might be ok… perhaps even more than ok. Just sit tight.

Turned out I was correct. He sat on his hands and waited. The next day, the market reacted as I thought and Steven bailed out, not quite even but with a much smaller loss than originally expected. In fact, our meeting the day prior saved him $125k.

“Glad to be able to help, Steven!”

Sometimes those personal coaching sessions pay off… money well spent!