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Ahren and Hugh

Fellow Investor,

Hugh Grossman and Ahren Stephens here.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to view this very special presentation!

As a reward, we have a very special gift for you. Please accept this personal invitation to join our service:

Inner Circle

Free up your time and leave the market analysis to us by getting daily updates on the financial news and market forces that move the SPY (The S&P 500 Index).

Here’s how it works:

Every day you will receive a pre-market morning analysis with support and resistance levels, along with other important information that could effect the market.

You will also receive a post-market analysis going over everything that has happened during the day and what to look forward to tomorrow.

If that is not enough for you, we host a LIVE webinar every Tuesday at 8:00 PM EST to go over everything that is happening in the market and why it’s reacting that way.

It’s also recorded, and we’ll send it to you (in case you missed it).

Real, in the trenches trading. It’s like having a coach with you at all times!

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of
Inner Circle:


Eagle’s 20th Anniversary Special Report: 20 Tips, Tactics, and Secrets Every Investor Needs to Know

Technical Analysis:

We’ll identify the key points of support and resistance that we will be watching as the opening bell rings. Our trading decisions are often based on a breakout!

To-The-Point Pre- and Post-Market Analysis:

Ideal for those too busy to research economic news. We sift through the news, events and market forces that matter and give you a concise report.

What Experienced Traders want to Trade:

Leaning on our experience may help give you a clearer picture to make better trades.

First Access to Exclusive Events:

Priority access to our live events. Exclusive savings on our most popular training programs.

Email Support:

You’ll have questions along the way – we’re happy to answer them! Our friendly service is just an email away for quick questions. Go ahead and ask!

Live Weekly Training Sessions:

We’ll review the day’s news, events and market behavior, showing how trades could have played out. Bring your questions, these interactive webinars are your chance to learn!

You may be wondering, how much does an extraordinary service like this cost?

Normally, the regular price is $1,995 a year.

But for the next 24 hours, you can join without paying anything close to that amount. In fact, you’ll only pay $20 for your first 30 days.

But there’s one thing we have to tell you.

When you accept this special offer and become a member, there are no refunds. The reason for this is simple:

Once someone gets access to everything Inner Circle has to offer, they could simply cancel and still come out thousands of dollars ahead.

Not saying that you’d do this, but I am saying that it’s unfair to the other members.

For that reason, we aren’t offering refunds for this special offer.

*Please know that while this offer is still valid, it will be pulled offline within minutes.

So go ahead… fill out the form below to start your membership. It may be the best financial decision you’ll make this year.

We look forward to working with you!

Hugh GrossmanAhren Stephens

Hugh Grossman and Ahren Stephens
Inner Circle