From the man who’s created safe and dependable options trading systems for 13+ years:

The “Daily Payout” Plan

In just 10 minutes each morning… trading ONE super-simple option, investors are putting hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their pockets

Dear Investor,

Please look at the dollar signs on the calendar below. Each shows the date of a simple option win from January, 2023:

One simple option trade, made over and over…

Trading around the same amount of money… using the same ticker symbol…

Taking advantage of the same simple strategy each time…

Investors using this plan could have banked 19 wins. Zero losses.

And if an easy win didn’t present itself during one of our trading days, we simply didn’t make a recommended trade that day.

That win rate for the month isn’t an outlier, either – as I’ll share in a moment.

First though, even with this level of consistency, not every trade we make is a winner – and anybody who says they’re winning every trade is lying to you.

But check this out:

Traders who followed our recommendations that month, and traded around the same amount of money in each trade…

Could have added up those 19 wins for a total return of 124% for the month.

That’s right: a potential 124% gain in a single month.

That’s enough to turn an initial $500 into $1,115… and $5,000 into $11,150.

Of course, that doesn’t happen every month – sometimes we hit more wins, sometimes less.

The thing is, we do it over and over again, using just one ticker symbol.

Hello. My name is Hugh Grossman.

I’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the ultimate option trading system.

And it’s turned into what I consider to be the biggest trading breakthrough ever.

I say this because the recommendations this system generates have the potential of winning an astonishing 96% of the time, as of mid-August 2023.

Success like this is why my reader Hans G. proclaims:

Follow Hugh’s rules, and you WILL make money.”

And reader Luna agrees, saying:

“all you have to do is follow the rules…

And since traders get between 15 and 20 of these trades each month…


That’s why I call it my Daily Payout Plan.

Now some may say January 2023’s 19-0 record was a fluke…

It wasn’t.

February 2023’s recommended wins were almost identical to January’s – even though the market conditions were the exact opposite.

In January, the market rallied over 6%.

Yet February was the beginning of a six-week slide.

Trouble started brewing on the first day of the month.

Tension filled the air.

That was because threats of another rate hike from the Fed made traders nervous…

Which sent the S&P 500 down 3.61% for the month.

Yet investors following us in February had no worries.

The market’s direction didn’t mean squat to them.

Let me explain why.

We recommend trading simple “call” options when markets soar…

And we recommend simple “put” options when markets sink.

This means while investors made money trading calls in January 2023 in an up market, they could have traded “put” recommendations to help take advantage of the following February’s sinking market.

The results from February 2023 are below:

Investors who followed the recommendations…

trading the same option over and over again…

Could have racked up 17 wins… and one 25% loss…

Plus, there were two days when no trades were recommended.

Add up all of the small winners… and deduct the one small loser… and investors making these trades were looking at a 73% gain for February.

How many traders made 73% in that miserable month?

So even in a down market, the Daily Payout Plan can live up to its name.

It was the same story in March of last year.

The markets panicked right out of the gate…

They kicked and reared and stumbled, sliding down a cruel slope, losing an additional 2.88% by mid-month…

And in the process, vaporized all of 2023’s gains for the year!

But were investors following the Daily Payout Plan worried? Not one little bit.

Because they could have traded my recommendations…

Which included a simple mix of put trades when the market was falling and call trades when it was rising…

…trades that added up to another great month!

Check out how my Daily Payout Plan performed in March:

That’s 20 trades. Twenty wins. A perfect track record for the month.

Trading the same ticker symbol for each trade.

And using around the same amount in each trade…

Investors could have pocketed a total gain of 129% in one month.

Again, just by adding up a series of small daily gains around 6%… divided by the amount invested on average each day… we get the total return for the month.

In other words, using my system investors could do what some experts claim to do but often don’t…

They have the potential to make money when the market goes UP.

And the potential to make money when the market goes DOWN.

They could make money in either direction the market goes.

When investors can make money no matter what the market’s doing… there’s no safer way to trade.

That’s why trader Dennis Avner proclaims the Daily Payout system is:

“A whole
approach to trading that I
thought possible.”

And he’s not alone.

In all of my years trading, I’ve never seen a strategy that generates this many wins this often.

Just look how it did the next two months of 2023:

April started a market comeback.

Investors got excited and rallied the market.

Following my recommendations, they would have ridden the wave with another perfect month:

15 trades. Fifteen wins. Zero losses:

Trading the same amount in each trade, savvy traders could have blown the roof off with a single-month gain of 135.2%

That means they could have more than doubled their money in a single month.

If they kept investing no more than $5,000 each day, they could have ended up with a total of $11,685 – or $6,685 in profits.

Then, in May, they could have piled up 16 more wins:

And even with one loss of 27%… those 16 wins could have added up to 57.9% gains in May.

In June and July, the wins kept coming in fast and furious.

By year’s end, the total return for the year… INCLUDING the losers… was an eye-popping 533.8%…

Few investors make that in a decade.

Now, since no one else but my readers know this groundbreaking system… in the next 15 minutes I’m going to introduce you to my amazingly consistent Daily Payout Plan.

Not only is this plan a straight up call and put option service, but it’s something more…

A “Set and Forget” System for Making Money Every Month

It takes me a total of 10 minutes to place a trade.

Once that’s done, I’ll go meet a friend for lunch… or hit a bucket of balls at the driving range… or just kick back and watch TV.

I’ll check in that evening to see how much my profits have grown.

How did I automate this set-and-forget system?

Each trade includes a built-in profit-target, which I set in advance with a limit order.

Once it hits that limit order – which it’s done 96% of the time – it closes out my trade for me almost instantly.

And my average time to profit?

A fast 47 minutes, without me watching it.

We target 6% PER TRADE. And we average, with commissions, around 5.8%.

Many retirees hunger for a 6% yield in a year.

Yet we could average that each time we trade, almost daily.

All investors do is read the brief signal I send them each morning at 9 a.m. Eastern time.

If an easy opportunity presents itself, as it usually does…

Then they enter the trade right after the market opens along with its limit order price.

There is usually nothing more to do except check for gains that night.

Now, very rarely, as we’ve seen, a trade goes against us.

It’s just not very often.

Midway through 2023 we had made 127 trades. And only five losses.

Bottom line: Making money doesn’t get much easier than this. Nor any faster.

Now, it goes without saying that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

And the best recommendations in the world still depend on the individual investor being able to execute the recommended trade at the recommended price – which doesn’t always happen.

Nevertheless, how much more straightforward can things be when investors trade the same way, with the same ticker symbol, in the same time frame, each day?

I feel like I’ve received some kind of divine favor, having discovered this system.

Winning this many trades can give people a new sense of confidence, knowing there is something that has the potential to work so well.

So today, I’m happy to reveal this system to new investors.

I’m willing to share it because this is a great way to trade today’s market, especially if someone needs to create a steady source of dependable income…

That’s what this Daily Payout Plan is designed to do.

In short: It’s the safest, most trustworthy options trading system I’ve ever created in my 13 years of trading professionally.

It’s proven to be highly accurate…

and almost copy-and-paste simple.

Furthermore, look at the total monthly gains investors could have already made just half-way through last year…

57.9%… 73%… 124%… 129%… and even 135.2%…

But what if investors were to trade MORE money in each trade?

Investing More Make More Every Month

Some of my wealthier clients – even if they weren’t wealthy before they met me…

Now have the self-confidence to trade with between $5,000 and $50,000 each time.

Just to show what’s possible with this system as people make more and more money…

Let’s do some quick math.

Let’s say someone traded an average of $5,000 at a time.

If they make, on average, 6% or so each trading day, that would be a “daily payout” of around $300.

With 20 trades or so in a month, that could add up fast.

The reality is that options never trade at precisely the same amount each day.

That’s because the cost of an option varies. Some days they might cost $3,750, other days $4,800.

To protect themselves, many investors set a maximum limit each day.

How much is completely up to the individual investor.

For example, if someone had put $50,000 into each trade I’ve explained so far, from January 2023 through July 2023…

And not withdrawn any cash…

In seven months, that $50,000 could have mushroomed into $316,900:

Does that mean I recommend everyone invest that much… or that my Daily Payout Plan always performs that well?

Of course not. We have losers, just not very many of them…

And no, I’m not saying past performance means future gains…

What I’m saying is this…

The more someone invests, the more they can make.

Look below to see how much more:

And when the payouts come as consistently as they have so far, it’s easy to get used to that extra income.

That’s the potential of my Daily Payout Plan.

And in a moment, I’m going to lay out the entire Daily Payout Plan right down to its nuts and bolts… to demonstrate how it works and why it’s so consistent.

I owe this to 13+ years of proving…

Lies at the Heart of My Daily Payout Plan

I use one exchange traded fund (ETF) to recommend trades. This one captures the entire S&P 500… which is the biggest stock index in the entire world.

It’s the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust.

The ticker symbol is SPY (NYSE:SPY).

And it’s the only symbol ever traded using the Daily Payout Plan.

Why? First, it’s easier to focus on one thing and trade the same investment repeatedly instead of chasing the latest hot thing.

Second, the SPY is one of the most heavily traded options on the market.

That means it’s one of the most liquid. Which means investors can get into and out of a trade at lightning speed.

The SPY also gives people the ultimate diverse portfolio: It trades as a proxy for the entire market in just one investment.

And by repeatedly trading over and over again, investors become intimately acquainted with its movements and nuances in a way not possible if they focused on more than one stock.

I can recognize its movements across the trading day… its rhythms as SPY comes on strong, or when it rests…

In fact, when you get to the point where I am, doing this for more than 13 years, the S&P 500 begins to feel like an old friend – one whom I know and trust.

That experience, knowledge and trust in trading SPY forms the foundation of my Daily Payout Plan

And why I’ve consistently made hundreds, even thousands of dollars a day trading this one symbol.

Today, I’m offering new investors the opportunity to experience this level of profitability, reliability, and consistency of my Daily Payout Plan.

It’s like creating a second income.

Until now, it’s been one of the best-kept secrets in the trading world. Which is why…

Almost No One Has Heard of the Daily Payout Plan Before

Until recently, this system has been a closely guarded secret with my family, my trading partner, Ahren Stephens, and a few friends…

But that’s about to change.

I’ve agreed to allow additional investors and traders to join us trading the SPY…

For some, it could also be an educational journey, as they learn the trading secrets it’s taken me more than a decade to refine…

For others, it’s simply the chance to create an additional source of reliable, consistent cash flow.

I don’t want to brag, but quite honestly, the Daily Payout Plan is my most successful trading plan so far.

It’s small, fast and consistent daily wins are breaking new ground.

And the few who know about the Daily Payout Plan are using it to create a source of additional income they can count on

Best of all, investors can get started using my Plan with as little as $5,000.

I recommend starting with more, because… as I’ve shared in my examples, these trades can range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars each.

And I’d hate for one trade to go against us and wipe someone out.

Plus, I’ve seen investors begin to win trades, get more confident, then start making larger trades, making money even faster.

So today, I’d like as many people as possible to see my Daily Payout Plan for themselves.

But before I share the details, let me answer the question I get a lot:

Why Do These Options Trades Win…
While Most Options Traders Fail?

For investors who’ve tried an options service in the past, I bet that the majority of them have either lost money or, at best, broken-even…

That ends today.

That’s because I’m going to explain how my Daily Payout Plan takes advantage of the same trading secret used by Wall Streeters.

Professional traders call these “high-probability trades.”

And here’s the magic part:

With it, traders take small daily wins – with these high probability trades – and add them together. By the end of the month, they create significant sums.

That’s how investors using this secret could have been paid generous monthly gains of 57.9%… 73%… 124%… 129%… and even 135.2%…

From small, high-probability, consistent trades added together.

Now, it breaks my heart… but most options traders do precisely the opposite.

They want big triple-digit gains with every trade. And that means they have to take triple-digit risks.

Most traders “swing for the fences,” as the saying goes. And almost always strike out.

In the process, they become one of the 9 out of 10 options traders who fail, and then give up on trading entirely.


I prefer the small, easy, high-probability trades.

You simply add them together. And by the end of almost every month, that can net between 50% and 150% gains.

Here’s another question I often get:

Can an Inexperienced Options Trader Use the Daily Payout Plan?

The answer is Absolutely: YES!

The fact is, I designed this system to be as easy to use as possible.

Typically, it takes most people about 20 minutes to learn this system. Others may figure it out faster… some, slower.

The bottom line is this: it’s not brain surgery. It’s just trading calls and puts on the SPY.

There is no complex trading manual that takes months to slog through. No complicated charting system to master.

The beauty of this system is that it only trades a single investment over and over again.

And Ahren and I tell people exactly how to do it.

For investors already familiar with how to buy and sell a simple call or put…

They’re more than halfway home.

Basically, 3 things are needed to use my Daily Payout Plan

  1. An email account to receive my daily trade recommendation – or a cell phone to read my daily text.
  2. An online brokerage account approved for trading simple “calls” and “puts.”
  3. Preferably a minimum of $5,000 to start with. $10-$15,000 may be more appropriate for some.

After those three things, it’s a matter of simply following my instructions.

I’ll share the exact trading symbol to enter into an online brokerage account and the specific target price and expiration date.

Then, it’s simply a matter of setting a sell price to automatically trigger once it’s hit. That’s also the same every day: 6% above the buy price.

That’s all there is to it.

All this takes just five to 10 minutes each morning.

This can even be done by cell phone, in a pinch.

That’s it. The system is designed to make money fast 96% of the time we recommend a trade.

Let me share something else…

ONE REASON I Never Fear Crashes, Volatility, or Recessions

This system was forged in the aftermath of the 2009 crash.

It rose from the ashes of the Obama recession, sailing past eight years of stagnant economic growth…

The plague of the European debt crisis, causing global instability…

The mayhem on Wall Street during the USA credit downgrade crash of 2011…

Record high gas prices rocking markets from the pump…

China’s 40% collapse of 2015…

The Corona Crash of 2020…

Through each crash, crisis, and collapse, I had ZERO worries.

Here’s why:

Using my Daily Payout Plan, Ahren and I trade both up and down markets… that way we can make money both ways.

We recommend trading “calls” when the S&P 500 is going up…

And “puts” when the S&P 500 is going down.

To decide which, we want to answer one question at the opening bell…

Over the course of the coming day: Is the market going to move up or down?

Our proprietary indicators suggest which direction the S&P 500 is likely headed for the day…

And based on that short time frame, we set out to grab a quick gain at the right time… aiming to sustain our 96% accuracy rate.

We really don’t give a rip WHERE the market’s going, up OR down… we simply follow it where it wants to go.

All it has to do is move. We can make money either way.

If that approach sounds simple, that’s because it really can be. After a handful of trades, it becomes second nature for some investors.

Yet there’s one ultimate test:

Would I teach it to my own children?

The answer is YES!

I’ve Taught My Own Family
To Use this System

Leaving kids money is one thing.

It’s quite another to leave them a legacy most parents can only dream of:

The ability to make money trading, virtually daily.

It’s a relief to not have to worry about my children blowing their inheritance on sudden riches… or it being romanced away by some sweetheart con artist…

Nor do I worry about my kids ending up broke someday in a shabby nursing home – not when they can use the Daily Payout Plan any time they wish.

And finally, I’ve given my wife the gift of never having to worry about running out of money in our retirement.

It’s my legacy to those I love.

Now, with that said, here’s another question I get asked a lot:

How Did I Create the Daily Payout Plan

After my previous career ended…

About 20 years ago, I retired from being a top auditor for a Fortune 500 company.

Auditors are trained to look for things hidden from the untrained eye…

They taught me clandestine tips, tricks, and strategies to make me an expert at analyzing numbers and spotting patterns.

That’s how we caught the bad guys.

Now, analyzing numbers and finding patterns are the two skills professional traders need to find winning investments.

And more importantly… it’s how someone builds a system that’s consistently profitable… one that detects those patterns that repeat over and over again.

And since I left the corporate world, I’ve used the private “numerical analysis” and “pattern recognition” systems that were drilled into me…

And created one of the most consistent, most profitable trading systems ever.

In 2022, with trading going so well, I welcomed my partner, Ahren Stephens, into the room.

Ahren has a passion for the markets. He started studying them while still in his teens, focusing on research and analysis.

He opened his first trading account at the age of 18 and has studied the stock market, forex market, and commodities market for more than 20 years. 

After the market crash of 2001, Ahren started learning technical analysis in the forex market. He is also a self-made market technician.

Today, he is a licensed commodity broker, and he was most recently an analyst at an award-winning, multimillion-dollar firm. 

Bringing Ahren in was the best decision I ever made.

And it’s one of the reasons why traders are so happy, like Darold Opp who proclaimed:

“Hugh has developed a plan through YEARS of successes…”

And now it’s time to give other investors the same chance to feel this good about trading options…

So here’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for…

Exactly HOW My
Daily Payout Plan Works

Follow along closely. This is where I reveal my trading secret.

Years ago, I detected a “glitch” in the way big markets perform.

You see, the major market indexes, like the S&P 500, trend strong first thing in the morning.

In the first few minutes, they tend to go one way or the other, up or down… just long enough for my system to make a quick profit.

My proprietary system verifies the likely direction of the market 30 minutes before the open…

I send investors an email and a text of which SPY option trade will exploit the day’s market for fast returns… a call or a put, depending upon what our indicators tell us.

Then we ride that early morning surge, up or down…

And we aim for a profit that averages 6%.

That’s all there is to it.

Usually our trades are over and done within 47 minutes, although sometimes they can take longer.

And then the next day, we wash, rinse, and repeat – all the way to the bank.

And because of this simple, almost “boring” strategy, I’m more than set for life.

So is my family.

And I can show investors how to get on the path to doing the same thing.

The people I’ve shown my Daily Payout Plan to are almost ecstatic. Like trader Terry Walthall, who said:

“…I’m in and out of the market usually the same day – and many times IN MINUTES – consistently earning 5% – 7%!”

For investors like Terry, who know the value of taking small, fast gains, almost every day – and how they can add up over time – my Daily Payout Plan is a great place to start.

That’s why I’m sharing this message…

I want as many investors and traders as possible to have the same chance to make consistent, almost daily gains like these using my Daily Payout Plan.

So, I’ve created a special investment report that explains it all. This blueprint is a $349 value, but I’m giving it away free today.

It’s called: 96% Wins: The Daily Payout Plan.

With this one-stop guide, smart investors hit the ground running and pocketing fast, almost daily cash with consistent wins.

Every trader I know loves dependable, high-speed profits like these.

Especially when it’s all based on a simple strategy:

  1. Trading options on the SPY repeatedly… SPY is the ETF that tracks the world-famous S&P 500…
  2. Getting in at the opening surge, taking full advantage of its momentum, up or down…
  3. And riding this early wave to the target profit of 6%

Three simple steps.

Plus, with my free trading guide 96% Wins: The Daily Payout Plan, investors will have a handy reference guide to help with the ins and outs of making these trades.

No more searching for the right stock or ETF. It’s already preselected.

And even though we’re only trading one symbol, we’re still getting a “diversified” portfolio.

With the SPY ETF, we’re actually trading all 500-stocks within the S&P 500 index, whether it’s going up or down.

For me, that’s…

The Dream System

And I’m sure, by now, many investors agree.

They know the benefits of making just one simple trade, using a single ticker symbol… and how quickly they can make fast daily returns.

They’ve seen how small constant wins can add up to monthly gains sometimes big enough to double their money.

They’ve seen how options limit their exposure to the market by costing a fraction of what shares themselves go for.

They understand.

So now I want to help new traders and investors use my Daily Payout Plan to make money day after day.

That’s why I prepared all the details for using my Plan in the free special report discussed earlier…

96% Wins: The Daily Payout Plan.

If I were to sell it to the public, I would ask for $349, easy.

But it’s free today, as my gift.

Now I only ask one thing in return:

Accept My Special Invitation:
30 Days Risk-Free of Pick of the Day Trading System

It’s time for investors to see for themselves just how profitable this Daily Payout Plan really is… and how it can pile up small daily winners into sizable total profits each month.

The name of my service with my Daily Payouts is Pick of the Day.

Investors who join Pick of the Day today, will get my free special report: 96% Wins: The Daily Payout Plan ($349 Value!)…

They’ll also begin to receive Pick of the Day daily trade alerts, delivered via email or text each morning about a half hour before the market opens.

Imagine opening my email each morning like a kid opens a present on Christmas…

and discovering how to make a quick trade and pocket 6%, within just a few minutes.

Here’s what else investors will get with a Pick of the Day membership:

Bottom line: with my Daily Payout Plan, investors are about to enter a world where they pocket hundreds – maybe thousands of dollars – each day.

One more thing I should mention…

As good as 2023 was for the Daily Payout Plan

The Coming Months Could Be Even Better

People who follow our recommendations to generate extra cash, day after day, week after week, suddenly discover they can do things they couldn’t before.

The truth is, when someone has the ability to make 50% to 100% gains – or more – in profits, per month, it’s going to have an effect on their lives.

Whether having more money is actually better, investors will have to decide for themselves.

But what’s it worth to get that choice?

Not $5,000 a year, like other high-end traders charge each year for a proven system…

Not $3,990, which is what I usually charge each year for this system…

Today, a small group of investors can get in for a very affordable $1,000 $399 per quarter.

Which can be paid for with just one or two winning trades.

So, for investors who are intrigued by my Daily Payout Plan

And by making small wins, averaging 6%, day after day consistently… and piling up those wins month after month…

Please accept a trial subscription to my Pick of the Day trading service where you’ll find my Daily Payout Plan recommendations.

By accepting a trial membership, investors get 30 days to test-drive my proprietary Daily Payout Plan.

And my…

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

By accepting this trial membership, investors get 30 days to check out Pick of the Day and my Daily Payout Plan recommendations… 100% risk-free.

During that time, use real money or just paper-trade the recommendations.

At the end of that first 30 days, anyone not delighted by the service, or how much money they’ve made… or could have made, just let me know.

I’ll refund 100% of the membership fee, no questions asked.

However, do not delay.

In fact, to encourage people to act fast, my publisher and I created the deal I told you about earlier – three months of Pick of the Day for just $399.

Regularly, the service goes for $1,995 a year – meaning that $399 price is more than 80% off what we normally charge.

Because that discount’s so steep, I can only offer it to the first 37 people to sign up today. After that, anyone joining the service today may have to pay the full $1,995 for a year.

So decide now: Join Pick of the Day by clicking the button below.

The truth is, I love trading. And I love helping other traders even more.

I’ve made all the money I’ll ever need… many times over.

I help others succeed in trading because it’s personally rewarding.

I want as many people as possible to join Ahren and me, and to encourage people to check us out…

We’re offering the first 37 new members to sign up the chance to get three months of Pick of the Day for just $399.

However, I only want 37 new traders who will be thrilled by getting in today. If that doesn’t apply to anyone still with me, please do me a favor:

Step aside and let someone else in who will be excited to be here.

I want people who are motivated to use my Daily Payout Plan.

Now There’s a Choice

Investors can choose to invest the old way, and hope to build their nest egg little by little, taking whatever the markets give them…

Or they can try out my 96% accurate daily trading strategy risk-free for 30 days.

It’s their decision. I have no doubt I will fill those spots fast.

And that every one of them will stick around well past that first 30 days.

I believe that by following my trades, people can dramatically grow their investment portfolio month after month.

To that end, join us for the ride.

Just click the button below to get started.

Yours for higher profits,
Hugh Grossman
Hugh Grossman
Trading Director, DayTradeSPY

P.S. Here’s a list of our daily wins from January to the beginning of June: