DayTradeSPY’s Ultimate Training Workshop

Ahren and Hugh

Fellow Investor,

Hugh Grossman and Ahren Stephens here.

We want to thank you for deciding to be a better trader by taking advantage of our DayTradeSPY Ultimate Training Workshop.

As an attendee, you’ll have a front-row seat to learning the behind-the-scenes techniques, skills, and strategies that we use every day at DayTradeSPY

You’ll see how we use them to bank quick profits almost every day trading just one ticker symbol.

By focusing on just one investment – and ignoring the 6,000+ others – we have created a very powerful, precise system.

Our goal is to make you a better trader. And by reviewing the recordings of our DayTradeSPY Ultimate Training Workshop, you will be on the right path to become just that.

By purchasing today you’ll gain access to the entire four-day workshop instantly. The 10 workshop sessions are:

  • Introduction to Options/Fundamentals You Need to Know
  • Money Management
  • Building Confidence/Mental Aspects of Trading 
  • Support and Resistance/Chart Patterns 
  • Greeks 
  • Scalping Strategy 
  • Out of the Morning Gate Strategy
  • Ahren’s 1+1 = 3 Strategy Part 1: Fibonacci
  • Repairing Bad Trades
  • Ahren’s 1+1 = 3 Strategy Part 2: Andrew’s Pitchfork

Plus, you will also gain access to our bonus Q+A session that wrapped up the training week.

Additionally, you’ll have access to another special bonus workshop – Setting Up Think or Swim Charts/Indicators and Using Tastyworks.

The normal price of each session is $249 a piece… so if you purchased all 11 individually, you’d pay $2,739.

But today, you can get every session for a one-time purchase of just $995.

That’s 63% off the regular price.

Simply fill out the secure order form below and start your trading journey to becoming a better trader today.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here is a message that we received from someone who took the training:

“This has been a very informative week. I so appreciate you hosting and conducting these workshops for us and for Eagle making it so affordable for me to take.” ~ Tia T. 

You’re getting 11 courses for less than $100 each – a combined savings of over $1,700.

If you’d like to take your trading to the next level, then fill out the form below and start your training of the DayTradeSPY Ultimate Training Workshop.

We look forward to working and trading with you!


Hugh Grossman and Ahren Stephens
Founders, DayTradeSPY Ultimate Training Workshop