Congratulations on Joining our Second:

$2K Into $10K Challenge

Ahren and Hugh

Hugh Grossman and Ahren Stephens here.

Congratulations, you’re just moments away from locking down one of the 200 available spots for our Second $2K Into $10K Challenge.

Once your space is confirmed, you’ll be all set to join us for the start of the Second Challenge on Monday, September 25th.

From that point, over the next 90 days, you’ll join us live in our Trading Room webinar from 9:20 until 10:30 am (Eastern) every trading day.

That’s where we trade options on the SPY (The S&P 500 Index) in real-time together.  And that’s where we won the first $2K Into $10K Challenge – turning our initial two grand into more than $10,000 in just 71 days!

For round two, we’re hoping to do it even faster.

But once you join us in for the Challenge, and are in the Trading Room with us every day, not only do you have a great chance to make 400% on your money when you turn $2K into $10K…

But you’ll become a better, smarter, more profitable trader just by gaining experience watching or trading with us.

Ultimately, we want our clients to become self-sufficient and able to make trading decisions on their own.

Even if you were satisfied with turning $2K into $10K, and becoming a better trader… That’s still not all you get when you’re accepted as one of the 200 new traders allowed into our Second $2K Into $10K Challenge….

You’ll also get all of these Trading Room benefits…

Interactive Training Sessions:

During our time together, you can ask us all of your trading questions in real time, see which SPY charts we pay attention to, and why.

Fully Narrated Decision-Making Process:

We help you understand why we’ve selected specific options trades based on our methodology.

We Demonstrate Our Strategies:

We use these training sessions to demonstrate how our signature strategies like the Bread & Butter Strategy, OMG Strategy, 1+1=3 Strategy and Scalping Strategy may play out in real market conditions.

An Enjoyable Start to Your Day:

Sessions are held Monday through Friday, 9:20am ET to 10:30am ET.

A Quick End to Your Trading Day:

Like I just said, we start at 9:30, and we’re out by 10:30 Ain most cases, and able to enjoy the rest of the day.

Now, add to those Trading Room benefits….

The chance to turn $2K into $10K in 90 days or less and…

The opportunity to become a better trader by making money with Ahren and I….

And you have the foundation for building a wealth.

That said, how much would an all-in-one service like this cost?

The normal price is $4,995 a year, but because we want you to get in NOW, for the Second $2K Into $10K Challenge, we’re offering a special three-month trial for only $599.

That’s a whopping 52% discount off the annual rate!

And that three months will cover the entire length of the $2K into $10K Challenge!

If the fact that we turned $2K into $10K in 71 days last time doesn’t impress you… or the fact that we’ve given you a huge discount to give the Trading Room a try…

Then let me tell you about our…

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you decide the service isn’t right for you, simply contact us within your first 14 days of membership to receive a full and prompt refund.


That’s it.

Pretty simple guarantee, isn’t it?

That’s how confident we are that people won’t cancel.

So, if you’re ready to claim one of the 200 spots in the Second $2K Into $10K Challenge, complete the form below.

I urge you to act quickly though. Thousands of hopeful traders will see this message over the next two weeks.

The 200 slots will go fast, I’m sure.

Get started by filling in the form below.

And welcome to our Second $2K Into $10K Challenge!

Simply fill out the secure order form below and join today.


Hugh Grossman and Ahren Stephens
Trading Room