Ok, everyone seems to have a different ‘pick’, as if some random trigger sounds and we all jump on board. Not so, says Hugh. Random is gambling and we do not gamble. Each service caters to a different clientele, based on your individual needs.

The Pick of the Day is a static pick, designed to be purchased at the market open, sent to your Inbox around 9:00 am ET. The underlying philosophy is that markets go up and they go down, anchored to a particular point in time. This is ideal for those still working and able only to access markets for a few minutes around 9:30 am ET. My client, Dan, is one of them. He works in an accounting department at a Fortune 500 company and has limited access, but he slips into the men’s room every morning around the same time… with his laptop. Sitting snug in stall #3, he opens his account, checks my morning report on the Inner Circle and places his trades. Traders can certainly be creative!

The Secret Sauce on the other hand, is a dynamic computer program that triggers a trade using a complex algorithm. Unlike anything I’ve seen, the formula has been spot on with virtually every trade in testing. You may not know when it will come but you do need to be quick. As soon as you receive the text on your cell phone, jump into the trade. The Secret Sauce is managed by Hugh’s long time business associate and friend, Burt, through his company, kissindicator.com. As you know, markets continually change and those ahead of the change can profit handsomely.

Both are highly effective. Both are a great way to make money while you ‘learn to earn’, but like with anything else, safety first. Always know how to manage your positions for maximum gains, minimum pains.


Head Trader Hugh

April, 2018


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