I got an email from Chris. He is the personal pilot for famous celebrities, flying them around the world in their personal corporate jets. Talk about a dream job!

Chris, a subscriber to our services and apparently doing very well, informed me that he would like to take me out to dinner. The thing is, Chris was in Texas… me in Western New York… about 1,400 miles apart.

Strangers don’t invite me out for dinner. My wife suggests we go for dinner… and I pay, which is fine. Lol

But this exuberant trader insisted that he was doing very well with my training and wanted to celebrate. A little worrisome, perhaps… what is his true motive, I wondered?

What was I to do? Of course, I accepted. “But I will select the restaurant,” I told him.

Sure enough, Chris flew his jet – I think it was a Gulfstream, if I recall – Dallas to Buffalo. Just to go for dinner. Salvatore’s Italian Gardens in Buffalo. Very nice place. I paid.

We had an amazing time. My associate Burt and I picked him up at the airport, went for dinner and Chris left back to Texas the next day.

Later, we met again on a Caribbean cruise. Same thing. Chris had inroads to the very best restaurant on the ship… you know, the one you access through a secret passageway behind the captain’s quarters? This high end restaurant is reserved for the C class (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.)… we were there… only the very best worldwide chefs can step foot in this place… and Chris took care of it! The meal – and company – were both stunning.

So here’s the thing. There was no hidden agenda. It was a sincere show of appreciation from a total stranger who did nothing more than subscribe and learn our system of trading.

For this total unselfish gesture, Chris, we will forever be grateful, thank you!