I had a Zoom meeting a while back (aren’t they all Zoom meetings now?) about my client, Benny’s, life goals and trading aspirations. We talked extensively about the road map as to how to get there; after all, how can you know where you are going or if you arrive if you don’t have a plan?

As an Inner Circle member, he was appreciative of the valuable daily information he was receiving but to take it to the next level, he needed more. I recommended the Winners Circle Trading Room. Live trading with two pro traders, interactive, feedback on his results, real time training… it was all there. But he hesitated. Truth be known, he was ‘intimidated by the experts on line’ and pushed back on the cost. Addressing both concerns,

a)  Never fear ‘intimidation by the experts’ because, while there are some excellent traders on line, this is not an open mic event where everyone chimes in. Only the moderators, Hugh and Alex, speak and this daily ritual is a learning experience for everyone on line. It is not a competitive arena but a cheering crowd for the successes as we announce them. Everyone is humble and would provide a hand, given an opportunity. We are all on the same side, looking to perfect the art of day trading SPY options. So, Benny, your fears are unfounded… no need to feel you do not know enough to belong in this group. Quite the contrary.

b) Cost is $99/week, which roughly translates to a daily lunch to be part of a special group. How much could you lose on one bad trade? Is this nominal cost not worth the voluminous amount of detail, support and inspiration that could only be had with a hands on mentoring program? Imagine if you only applied one piece of information you did not know before, discovered one nuance in the stock that can make a difference to your trading. Would that not justify the cost? Successful options trading is a long process you need to understand to develop consistency. Learn from the experts.

When I framed it that way, and, albeit, twisted Benny’s arm, he succumbed and subscribed. Hesitation, yes. He initially misplaced his focus… thinking the $99/week was a cost, when in fact, it was an investment in his trading career.

Turned out, his ‘investment’ paid in spades. His email back to us, quoted in part…. “Not sure I understood at that time but I let you twist my arm into joining the Trading Room. Sure glad I did. I learned more than I ever knew before and now my confidence has grown, entering positions with conviction and exiting with regular gains. I can’t thank you enough for insisting I sign up. I recommend to all thinking about getting involved: just join. The cost will soon be a distant memory when you start making some serious money!” 

Thanks Benny!


Hugh Grossman