Live training in market conditions

Teach ‘n Trade

Education first.

Join Alex and Hugh Tuesday and Thursday mornings as they demonstrate signature DayTradeSPY strategies.

You’ll get to experience it all from earning modest profits, inevitable losses, uncommon gains and ‘What if?’ scenarios.

This trading room is designed to help you understand how our key strategies work in different, real market conditions.

Education always comes first in trading. Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Join us twice a week from 9:20am to 11am ET.

We’ll see you online!

Teach ‘n Trade

What is it?

They say smart people learn from their own mistakes, but smarter people learn from others’ mistakes. Use Hugh and Alex’s experience of gains and losses to aid you in making the best decisions in your day trading.

Teach ‘n Trade is a fun, interactive trading room where our SPY trading mentors share their wealth of knowledge in trading SPY.

We focus on demonstrating the various signature DayTradeSPY strategies in a live simulated environment, under current market conditions.


Experience gains, losses and 'What if?' scenarios

Join the excitement as they profit, watch them tear their hair out over losses and ask your burning trading questions.


Fully narrated decision-making & executed trades

We help you understand exactly what we’re doing and why, based on our methology.


Demonstrate our strategies

We use these training sessions to demonstrate how our signature strategies like the Bread & Butter Strategy, OMG Strategy & Scalping Strategy may play out in real market conditions.


We teach you, then trade

The market’s going down and you’re looking at calls? 
How can that be and where would you enter the position?

We play out ‘What if?’ scenarios to show you how certain trading circumstances may or may not work out using different strategies.


An enjoyable start to your day!

Teach ‘n Trade happens Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 9:20am to 11:00am ET. A great way to be active in your trading, without the commitment of hopping online every morning.

Fully committed to your trading?

We host Teach ‘n Trade interactive trading room Monday through Friday for only $99/week.

Come spend your mornings with us – 9:20am ET, Monday to Friday

Why we demonstrate

in a simulated environment

Our training programs demonstrate how we use our methodology for trading SPY options in a live simulated environment. That’s current market data but simulated trade executions. Here’s why:

To protect you.

Options trading is complex; we do not want you to blindly follow us into a trade while you are learning and may not understand the associated risks.

To protect us.

We are not certified nor do we want to provide trade recommendations. Instead, we would rather teach you ‘how to fish’ so you can eat a lifetime.

No front running.

We do not want to enter trades only to have our students front run the market for us. By using simulated trading, there is no chance that anyone will take advantage of our students.

We focus on teaching.

Our programs are designed to help you learn our methodology for trading SPY options, not to provide entry and exit signals. We want our clients to become self-sufficient and able to make trading decisions on their own.