What a hoot!

We record every one of our sessions for legal purposes so we decided to go back to our first Trading Room session back in the fall of 2010. I couldn’t believe we sounded like that, so ‘green’, lol

Much has changed since those early days but some things remained consistent throughout the years: our commitment to giving you our very best in training. We’ve grown in both trading and training and yes, even our delivery. No longer the nervous wreck we displayed back in the early days. Turning the mic on to speak to this group is as natural now as breathing.

For your tenacity and commitment, we thank you. Many of you stayed with us from the early years to today, having grown with us and, hopefully, made money with us. And I know some folks turned their fortune from massive losses to consistent, reliable gains. I know of more than a few traders who gave up their working careers to trade and some really went out to become superstars. Some extended their boundaries to help others in a massive way, setting up schools in third world countries, all from trading profits. We even lost several loyal participants… may Stan, Mahipal and Jimmie rest in peace. We changed moderators as well, with Alex now the co-host and also involved in training one on one.

As 2019 comes to a close, know that we will still be here, anticipating an exciting next year, next decade of sharing our morning Trading Room with you! Part of that commitment is to include Trading Room time in every one of our courses, so feel free to expand your horizons and get on board! As one member recently said, “DayTradeSPY is my last stop in training. I need not go anywhere else!”


Head Trader Hugh Grossman, DayTradeSPY

December, 2019


Hugh Grossman is the founder and Head Trader at DayTradeSPY and uses his vast experience to teach his methods to make consistent daily gains trading SPY options. Join Hugh in his interactive Trading Room to see how he regularly pulls in the profits!

Want to learn how to day trade SPY options? Join us in Hugh’s Trading Room – a program designed to fast track you to success. You will be able to watch Day Trade SPY traders, Hugh and Alex, daily in an interactive setting.

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