Day Trade SPY: Basic Training Course

Basic Training Course


Guarantee: If you do NOT know what you are doing with options, you WILL lose your money.

It is for this reason, we provide two outstanding courses to help you trade options profitably.

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Our ‘light’ version. Click the links for video/e-book particulars. This is designed for the trader looking to quickly absorb the material in bite-sized lessons, comprising of recorded videos and e-books, as listed below, to be learned in easy, one hour sessions.


Recorded High Performance Training Videos (access guaranteed for at least 3 months)

  • Options Fundamentals
  • Setting up Charts / Placing a Trade (TD Ameritrade Think or Swim®)
  • Support and Resistance
  • Chart Patterns
  • Hugh’s Bread and Butter Strategy
  • Repairing Trades Gone Bad
  • What Wall Street Rather You Don’t Know
  • Money Management Techniques
  • Greeks You Need to Know
  • Mental Aspects of Trading

Each video is about an hour in length, current and relevant. We only teach what we use everyday ourselves to earn a very respectable profit. Our goal is to fast track you to success.


Hugh’s Engaging e-Books

  • Bread and Butter Strategy
  • Enhanced Bread and Butter Strategy
  • Three Solid Entry Points
  • Support and Resistance
  • Repairing Trades Gone Bad
  • Rules to Turn $1k into $100k in 1 Year
  • Solid Gold
  • Options Trading: It’s All in Your Head
  • Step by Step Approach to Earning 15% on SPY Options by 10:30 am
  • Quarter Million Dollar Month

There are 20 items in this package. Spend one hour a day on each and start simulated trading within 1 or 2 weeks. Another few days reviewing the material and you should be trading real money within 30 days, earning 5% or more per day.

Individually, each video and e-book is $149. Total value: $2,980


Purchase the Basic Training Package now for only: $1,500



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