Rick is one of those guys, you know, luck just follows him wherever he ventures. Happy go lucky, boisterous, always lands on his feet.

He’d heard something about this ‘options thing’, as he so affectionately calls it. He contacted me and we did some training. He used to boast with a hearty laugh how he has never spent a day in college and now he’s trading stocks.

Rick was pretty astute, actually. His day job was driving a big rig, usually starting out later in the morning. This enabled him to take advantage of the market open, then go to work.

Following my Inner Circle morning analysis, together with his own educated assessments, he would enter a trade soon after the opening bell. Immediately he put it up for sale with a modest profit target, usually around 8%. Off he’d go to work, returning later to find his profits in his trading account.

Day after day… 8%, 8%, 8%. He’d drop me line every few days to tell me how he was doing. He’d check his account at the end of the day and his profits were right where they should be, in his trading account.

My last encounter with Rick was when he told me how he was making more money as a trader than he was driving 18 wheels. When I asked why he just doesn’t switch over, he had an interesting reply. He explained that if he just traded, he’d be watching the markets continually and getting spooked out when his trades went against him. Under no circumstances could he have done nearly as well had he been watching it. This way, he would just return home after the market went through it daily gyrations and his profits would be intact.

One final comment he left me with: “Besides, I like driving my truck!”