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DayTradeSPY is a refreshingly transparent and honest take on day trading.

We use one stunning stock, SPY, and a few simple, easy to learn strategies to make consistent gains – and show you how we do it, step by step!

It all started when friends and family asked about Hugh’s success on the market. In response, he started posting his picks online along with a follow up report later in the day. Enhanced with weekly Meetups for training, this service quickly become known as the Inner Circle.

Then came expanded training and the ever popular Winners Circle Trading Room, now in its 11th great year teaching traders world wide how to make money trading SPY options.

We teach what we trade and trade what we teach.

One stock and a few simple trading methods… making money on the market is not that difficult, if you know how. We teach you how.


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Here’s what people are saying…

I just wanted to thank you for making the point in Friday's TR that people were reporting winning trades but not their losing trades. I like that you and Hugh shows results of all trades both good and bad. This is good, especially for new traders to show that there is a risk to trading and there will be loosing trades.


– Phil K.

I was in the groove again today trading puts ten times in the morning before 11am EDT (then off to the open-air gym and the pool) and once quickly in the afternoon. Also won on the June 8 303 call today. No losers today and over $2100 after commissions in the bank. Just loving it. I pick up a gem or two almost everyday listening to you and Alex and that is making me a better trader indeed.


– Pete

Hugh will never make it working with numbers... he should pursue the arts if he wants to get anywhere in life.

– Miss Hickey, Hugh’s Grade 4 teacher

NY, June 1965

Making lunch money - Hugh turned me onto the SPY and has made trading a lot more predictable with the Hugh's Inner Circle morning outlook. I look forward toward to it every morning to get me started.


– Mark V.

...I set up a limit order for .94 for about a 7% gain (calculation error, wasn't trying to get greedy!) Sometime before lunch I noticed I came up 1 cent short of getting filled. However, with the late rally today, I am pleased to report I got filled at .94 at 2:31pm CDT. A 7.4% gain. A fantastic repair considering how dire things looked last week. Thanks again to both of you for your knowledge and real time guidance!

– Jon S.

I repaired the 317 calls I got stuck in yesterday when it was in the 312’s this afternoon and sold for a great profit at 315.80. I took some very bad hits in the last few weeks because I did not time my repairs well. Several massive falls. I feel blessed today!


– David C.

I've looked around and the crap people are teaching on the Internet is theoretical and most make little actual trading. What you teach is how to make money. I am very pragmatic and am grateful it was you who showed me how to trade. You make it simple for people and I can't thank you enough for doing that for me!


– Dave

DayTradeSPY has been teaching people the world over how to trade stock options on SPY, the stock that follows the S&P 500. We have been in global training mode now in our 11th year.

SPY is the most diverse, liquid stock out there… affordable, predictable and even, some say, forgiving. If you are tired of researching, scanning and trying to figure out how to trade this market, you have come to the right place. Our services include our Inner Circle for morning market assessments, daily updates and weekly Meetups where we discuss the events of the day.

Our Winners Circle Trading Room gives clarity and meaning to your training, where it all comes together every morning, 9:20 to 10:00 am. Join expert traders Hugh and Alex as they decipher the news, determine what is relevant, pick a direction and trade for profit. Their love of the stock market is second only to the love of helping traders, from novice to seasoned pros, become successful.

Looking for quick, profitable trades? Our Power Trading Pro satisfies that craving for short term, small gains, traded frequently. All SPY, all the time, be it a safer trade or a high risk, high reward scalp. Power Trading Pro, moderated scalp trades three times a week.

Training… that’s where we shine. Understand the market and trading techniques with our training packages, to include videos and e-books. From options fundamentals to setting up TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim™ or Tastyworks™  charts to strategies, we have you covered. Our Bread and Butter Strategy is the core essence of what we trade. Master this and you are well underway. We also teach our Enhanced Bread and Butter Strategy as well as how to repair trades gone bad. You need to know this, traders!

Trading is never easy. That is why you need to engage with a seasoned coach, a professional mentor who is understanding, knowledgeable, experienced and a good communicator. A great coach listens to your needs and respects your goals and level of competence. Their job is not even as a career but a calling; that is exactly how Hugh and Alex approach every day, with integrity and honor to serve you, their clients.

It’s all about controlling risk, managing trades and governing your emotions. We teach you all aspects of trading, so you should be ready to buy or sell puts and calls with confidence. We do not trade spreads or naked positions, so your ultra high risk is somewhat limited in that regard; you can only lose what you put into a trade. High or low volatility, attention to delta, theta, strike prices and more that’s what we do, that’s what we teach. We analyze news, fake news, real news or twisted news… it’s all part of the trading game.

While we trade TD Ameritrade Think or Swim and Tastyworks / Tastytrade, you can use any platform you like. Our clients use Tasty Works, ThinkorSwim, Robin Hood, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Charles Schwab, e-Trade, Merrill, Questrade, Wealthsimple, Virtual Brokers and others.  We trade only SPY ETF, the exchange traded fund that is the highest rated for diversity, liquidity and execution.

Making money on the market is not that difficult, if you know how. We teach you how!

DaytradeSPY. Thank you for visiting!

Remember… “If you want what I have, you gotta do what I do!”

~ Hugh Grossman, Head Trader