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We teach how to day trade SPY options.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Our programs are founded on Head Trader Hugh’s years of first hand, ‘in the trenches’ experience. Over the years, he has made a lot of money and lost a lot of money (sound familiar?).  Always striving to take away a lesson from each trade, especially the losses, has helped Hugh become a seasoned and experienced trader.

He’s ready to share these lessons with you!

We teach a one legged, straightforward methodology, trading calls and puts, buying and selling in that order. No spreads, no complex strategies or long-term holds. We base our approach on combined fundamental and technical analyses and offer programs that teach our key strategies.

Leave the analysis to us

Inner Circle members get morning market analyses you can use right now, before the opening bell!

Pre-market analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Enjoy your morning brew as we scour our sources for market moving news, events and economic forces that matter, to give you a concise report to start your day on the winning side!
Pre-market analysis

Technical Analysis

We identify key points on technical matters, providing  experienced opinions as to how SPY may well trade for the day. Never trade without first reviewing our premarket report!
Pre-market analysis

Weekly Live Training Session

We review the day’s news, events and market behavior, showing how trades could have played out. Bring your questions to our interactive webinars, designed for you to learn to earn!

Darold’s Story

Watch below to find out what Darold did when he put his DayTradeSPY training into practice!

Why SPY?

5 reasons why we choose to only trade SPY

High Liquidity

SPY follows the S&P 500 and often trades tens of millions of shares each day

Focused Research

Forget nightly scans, sector evaluations and wondering what to trade.


Use a handful of strategies day after day

Quick Moves

Take advantage of leverage for quick trades with options

Well Diversified

SPY represents the 500 best stocks on US markets

Confidence in trading starts here

The Inner Circle is the perfect first step for beginner and seasoned traders alike 

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