DayTradeSPY Coaching:

A refined methodology for trading SPY options

Learn to become a seasoned trader

We teach how to day trade SPY options.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Our programs are founded on Head Trader Hugh’s years of first hand, ‘in the trenches’ experience. Over the years, he has made a lot of money and lost a lot of money (sound familiar?).  Always striving to take away a lesson from each trade, especially the losses, has helped Hugh become a seasoned and experienced trader.

He’s ready to share these lessons with you!

We use a one legged, straightforward methodology, trading calls and puts, buying and selling in that order. No spreads, no complex strategies or long-term holds. We base our approach on combined fundamental and technical analyses and offer programs that teach our key strategies.

Training programs

for varying levels of skill and experience

Trading SPY options can be complex. Our methodology for trading can help you better understand how to do it and become a seasoned trader.


Inner Circle

Morning Assessment


Get our daily analysis of market conditions, news and forces that may drive SPY’s movement.


Hugh’s brief technical analysis just before the opening bell.


Bring your questions and participate in our weekly interactive training session.


Daily Training



Interactive trading room-style sessions where we demonstrate how we use our strategies


We fully narrate our decision-making process to help you understand why we may select options and suggest trades based on our methodology.


See how certain trading scenarios may work out using different strategies.


An exciting and enjoyable way to start your day!


Hosted live weekday mornings starting at 9:20 am ET.





Ultimate SPY Trading Workshop


Bread & Butter Strategy


Custom courses

Why we demonstrate

in a simulated environment

Our training programs demonstrate how we use our methodology for trading SPY options in a live simulated environment. That’s current market data but simulated trade executions. Here’s why:

To protect you.

Options trading is complex; we do not want you to follow us into a trade while you are learning and may not understand the associated risks.

To protect us.

We are not certified to provide trade recommendations, nor do we want to provide trade recommendations.

No front running.

We do not want to enter trades only to have our students front run the market for us. By using simulated trading, there is no chance that we will take advantage of our students.

We focus on teaching.

Our programs are designed to help you learn our methodology for trading SPY options, not to provide entry and exit signals. We want our clients to become self-sufficient and able to make trading decisions on their own.