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Day Trade SPY offers a variety of services for those learning to trade as well as seasoned pros.

Live Trading with the Experts

Join Hugh and Alex every morning… informative, interactive, engaging and entertaining!

Trade an hour a day, anywhere in the world!

Relax and enjoy life with our signature methodology, focusing on one great stock, using one amazing strategy!

Are you new to trading?

We help new and experienced traders alike learn to trade SPY options for consistent gains. Our training takes the mystery out of options so you can understand what drives prices, thereby profiting from market moves, both up and down. Our simple strategies can have you become a great trader quickly and confidently. Take the initiative and commit to mastering a skill that will benefit you for a lifetime!

Looking to improve your trading?

Take advantage of Hugh’s experience to hone your own trading skills! Get his daily Inner Circle morning market assessment, Pick of the Day and/or interact with the DayTradeSPY team in live market conditions to strengthen your earning potential. If you are comfortable with numbers, are willing to learn and can take calculated risks, you can become extremely proficient at trading SPY options!

What makes us different



DayTradeSPY is a refreshingly transparent and honest take on trading.

We use one stunning stock and a few simple, easy to learn strategies to make consistent gains – and show you how we do it step by step!

Trading options began as a hobby for our Head Trader Hugh. As he found success, his friends and family began asking what he was doing right. He started teaching his secrets to those closest to him and then expanded his Inner Circle to anyone willing to learn.

That’s where we are now – we help newcomers and experienced traders from all over the world learn how to use our strategies to earn respectable daily gains trading SPY options. And, although we’ve grown from the small circle of Hugh’s closest friends, we still provide that personal attention to help you along the way. To our clients, Hugh and the DayTradeSPY team are just an email away!

We teach what we trade and trade what we teach. Check out our Recent Results. We post them all, good and bad.

One stock and a few simple strategies… making money on the market is not that difficult, if you know how. We teach you how.


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Every trader is different… let’s talk about your experience and goals to find a solution that’s right to help YOU become a great trader!

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For those seasoned traders…

Join our daily programs to start your journey to becoming a great trader!


Stay in the loop with Hugh’s Inner Circle. Subscribers get a daily market analysis before the opening bell and evening follow-up with a screen shot of Hugh’s actual trades. Members are also invited to participate in our interactive Thursday night meet-ups, where we discuss the events of the day!


Enter the trade with minimal analysis. Our ever popular Pick of the Day is anchored in time, to be purchased at market open; ideal for those unable to monitor the markets throughout the day. Members receive the particular option code that the experts are looking to trade off the opening bell.


Interact with expert traders Hugh and Alex as they trade in real, live-market conditions. These morning sessions are fully narrated with the expectation of entering a trade, earning a profit and enjoying the rest of our day. This program is so vital to trading success that we include it in all of our masterclasses!


Let’s design a custom solution for you!


Every trader is different… let’s talk about your experience and goals to find a solution that’s right to help YOU become a great trader!

No cost, no obligation, nothing to lose.

Book a personal chat with Hugh to come up with a custom solution!

Here’s what people are saying…

My trips overseas would not be possible without your teachings and guidance. I really don't know what to say, except thank you!!!


– John L.

American, signing on from Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, February, 2020

I made over 21% on your pick of the day trade today... I can't thank you enough for that! This morning's trading room was very fun and exciting!


– Trent B.

FL, January, 2020

Coming from a person who blew thousand of dollars between the market and foo foo programs, this is the best program ever. There is absolutely nothing better.

-Jeff J.

FL, January, 2020

I am encouraged by today’s strong move up and I am relaxed because we have time, as you have told us. I have learned a lot from you about patience and perspective towards the market. Thanks again Hugh. Love being in the room with you and Alex.

-David B.

NY, December, 2019

I Love your analysis(s) Alex. They are always straight forward and pragmatic. I also like your consistent check list type of advice regarding EMA’s and MACD etc. As a former pilot I had a checklist that I went through each and every time before take off. I view trading like flying, the similarities are amazing! You are a great addition to Hugh’s team !

-Kevin C.

NC, December, 2019

This week has been amazing. I have profited $1749 , OMG. Your Inner Circle is the best place to be. Yes I agree, it should be called the WINNERS circle.... I have tried so many things over the years and avoided trading for FEAR.... but had to write and tell you how grateful I am to have found your training and support.


-Ange T.

AB, Canada, January, 2020

Spring Training Camp

April 17 – 19th

Details coming soon!


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