About DayTradeSPY

Like you,we’ve been there, done that and took all the courses.


Hugh, an ordinary guy who discovered three very important things the day he got burned by his financial guru:

1. Nobody cares, or should care, more about your money than yourself.

2. With the power of the Internet, anyone can have full access to information just as much as your financial advisor, and;

3. Don’t be the victim. Take responsibility and seize control of your own life and future!

Armed with this new found insight, Hugh set out to learn a few things on his own and discovered a trading system that works best for him.

Hugh’s background is that of an internal auditor for a Fortune 500 company. Now retired and teaching options, this 67 year old proud father and grandfather enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

He is an avid reader, loves to dine out, hang out with his buddies at the beach, and of course, his best friend Lucy.

Hugh is not very handy around the house, even worse in the kitchen but he’s unbeatable at backgammon.

His greatest satisfaction, however, comes from helping others and watching them succeed on the market.

Always ready for a joke or two, Hugh loves to chat it up with anyone who’ll listen. Go ahead, book a personal meeting!



Alex is living the dream!

Having spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder, Alex decided to leave his senior role on major infrastructure construction projects across North America to spend more time with his family. Trading SPY options, which he learned many years ago from Hugh, was just the thing to break him free from his corporate chains!

Now that he’s ditched the commute and taken his career into his own hands, Alex is using his trading experience to help others learn the secrets and develop into confident traders.

When he’s not participating in Hugh’s Trading Room or helping a client one-on-one, you can often find Alex playing princesses and ponies with his three young daughters, working to keep the tomatoes and peppers growing in his garden alive and restoring his 1920’s farmhouse to its original grandeur.


Our mission

We make options trading as simple as it can by using our refreshingly transparent methods to help our clients gain confidence in their trades.

About you

You’ve heard there’s a lot of money in this business. So you bought into the courses. And more courses… DVD’s, books and chatrooms. You went to the training sessions… you know, holed up in a hotel meeting room for days; learning about stocks, futures, options and forex… fundamental and technical analysis, they even brought out the ‘experts’. They’re gonna make you rich, you know… sense some skepticism here?

Like so many of you, we have also encountered our share of charlatans in this business.

So, we set out to create a refreshingly transparent and honest take to teaching options trading. We cut out the fluff and hyper focus on the important stuff to fast track you to trading with confidence.

Depending on your level of skill and experience, we can find the right combination of training and engagement that will help you become a seasoned trader!

Novice or expert, we can help bring consistency into your trading, just as we have for so many others around the world.


Finding the right mentor

First question to ask: do coaches trade their strategy?
If not, run – don’t walk – run away! That means they do not have the confidence in the very system they are espousing. Why should you trade their system if they don’t?
– As a semi-retiree, I do not have to trade all the time, but I still do use my system… because it works for me!
What is your coach's experience?
If they say they never lose, they are lying. All experienced traders lose, even if occasionally. Inspiring coaches should pass along lessons learned along the way. Everything they teach, should be supported by hard lessons.
– We made a lot over the years and lost too. Your advantage: learn from our mistakes.
Is your mentor empathetic?
We must have tough skin to weather the trading storms but a good mentor can relate to your experiences. Look for a good listener, not judgmental or critical. Maintaining confidence is crucial in this business.
– We remember our trading roots; we relate to every emotion, every challenge.
Is your coach accessible?
If your mentor is tardy in replying and unwilling to provide credible answers, then he or she may not be the right fit. If you’re concerned about a position, your personal coach should be right there all the way.
– We personally answer all your queries, only accepting as many clients as feasible.
Is your coach committed to guide you?
Look for a mentor who will be engaged, there when you need them, even if just to vent about a particular trade. Maybe they can keep you focused, grounded… whatever it takes to succeed.
– If you become a client, you will commit to learning, we commit to teaching.