Introducing DayTradeSPY’s Humble Hugh Grossman and Astute Ahren Stephens

Introducing DayTradeSPY: The Yellow Traffic Light Just Turned Red the Split Second I Ran Through it

Just my luck, the police nailed me, once again! The officer recorded the ticket accurately, except for my name: Hugh Gross. When I asked my lawyer friend, Chris, what I should do, she told me I should just pay it.

Then I asked my street wise friend, Burt. His suggestion: ignore it, nothing will happen. Turns out, I eventually got a notice in the mail, or should I say, someone named Hugh Gross did.

I did the right thing and returned the envelope, lest I break a federal law and open someone else’s mail. In the end, nothing happened. You see, my name is Hugh Grossman. Greetings all!

Introducing DayTradeSPY: Lean on the Shrewd and Sharp-witted

The real lesson is that an educated person may give sage advice, but you may also want to consider that of the shrewd and sharp-witted. My years of trading experience, learned from the smart folks who worked on the trading floors of New York and Chicago, did little for my bottom line. Where I mastered my craft was from the many mistakes I made along the way. I got dirty, deep in the trenches, dusted myself off and reentered the ring, only just a bit wiser.

Eventually, I stopped doing those things that cost me money. Even the slightest nuances could make all the difference.

I eventually started making some serious money in the stock market. Associates pleaded with me to show them. I obliged. Hence was born DayTradeSPY, the training facility that now includes several cool avenues by which you can make money in the market using, in my opinion, the ultimate trading derivatives.

Introducing DayTradeSPY: Options Give Ample Flexibility

Day trading SPY options gives ample flexibility for just about any trader. When COVID-19 hit, we were light years ahead and trading in the comfort and safety of our homes. Nothing changed for us. I became a specialist trading only SPY options. Since then, I’ve never traded anything else. I mastered SPY’s nuances, its behavior and dance moves. When the market took two steps forward, I took two steps back. When it retreated four steps, I advanced. We developed a symbiotic relationship, except that, when it was to my advantage, I would end the dance and take my gains.

I started teaching this to fellow traders, some of whom are still with us today. Many could not believe you can make an amazing living by day-trading options, the tool that provides huge opportunities. Some started small and are now making obscene amounts. Many have enjoyed tremendous lifestyle changes. One trader took his earnings to build a school for orphaned children in Guatemala, including the “Hugh Grossman Music Room,” in appreciation for teaching him this system.

Word quickly spread. We grew and so did our reach, teaching traders globally. With the best job ever, I talk to people around the world. On any given day, I could be talking to a farmer in the Midwest, a business owner in Australia, a pilot in the Seychelles and a banker in South Africa. But my greatest thrill is our morning Trading Room. Now in its 14th year, this “teach-and-trade” program has been the mainstay of our business, where we teach traders from all walks of life, in a real time, real market environment. It is interactive, informative, engaging and even entertaining.

Introducing DayTradeSPY: Ahren Stephens Partners with Me

My associate, Ahren Stephens, and I introduce the market-making news of the day, every morning at 9:20 a.m. ET. We discuss the market influences, setups and our intended trades using technical analysis. Once off the opening bell, we aim to earn a quick 6% gain. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, this is the place to be, where we do the heavy lifting for you.

Back by popular demand, we are returning our ever popular “Turning $2k into $10k in 90 Days.” This will start in the Trading Room on Monday, Sept. 25. Imagine the excitement of investing $2,000 in September only to enjoy quadruple profits in time for the holidays!

The best part is, you can get in on this by simply subscribing to the Trading Room. Learn to trade with us, follow along or just watch. Make money as we do, or spread your wings under the tutelage of two seasoned traders with a combined 40+ years of market experience… all for a modest price.

Introducing DayTradeSPY: Join Us

Click here for details. Sign up today, be online tomorrow. And join us on our $2k to $10k in 90 Days challenge!

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