Engage with a Mentor, not a Financial Advisor

Through our formative years, we were instructed to work hard, save money and use an advisor to direct our investments to achieve financial freedom in retirement.

After all, these are the professionals who are supposed to know how to manage our financial affairs through sunny days and stormy nights, ideally providing a wonderful nest egg at the end of our working lives to let us retire comfortably. It sounds so promising and grand, but reality can be harsh.

There is no guarantee such advisors will help us to grow our wealth to fund travel, pay for any health issues and maybe even purchase a vacation property. My name is Hugh Grossman, and I was thrust into this business by my own financial advisor’s ineptitude, or his basic poor money management. Whatever the reason, when my own financial advisor blew out half my account, I woke up to the realization that:

  1. Nobody cares or should care more about my money than me
  2. Nobody “knows” where the market will go, unless you are the one moving it, such as the Fed chairman, and he’s not telling me his plans, and
  3. With the power of the internet, we all have the same relevant information at our fingertips, which is just as much as our financial advisors.

Armed with this revelation, I was determined to master my own financial destiny to secure both my own retirement funds and my children’s education fund, which had also been blown out by my previous financial manager.

You see, advisors are, for the most part, paid by the funds they are promoting at the time and generally disregard your self-interest. If they make money for you, great, but they don’t seem to be as incentivized to maximize your gains as to pad their own pockets.

A good, solid mentor, on the other hand, has a different objective. To illustrate, my background in trading comes from deep in the trenches, where I had to master real-life scenarios. Theory is fine, but it is through actual trading in the markets that can make one stronger, wiser and richer.

In my particular case, I was thrust into this business due to the financial pain I suffered when I realized how little money I had left after I entrusted it to my financial advisor. Learning from the “school of hard knocks” will win out every time, if we respond proactively with a good plan.

My original entry into the markets was, like most others, with equities. Exposure to futures, commodities, foreign exchange and exchange-traded funds facilitated my eventual journey into the options world. Within that framework, I found my way into the S&P 500 space, where I no longer had to suffer through endless analyses. Instead, I could focus on one solid opportunity, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY). Using a tight strategy, I trade for about an hour a day. Once I discovered day trading SPY options, my interest in other assets quickly vanished. I found my calling.

Then came the benefits. Many winning trades led me to lots of vacations, new cars, a new house and even a new airplane. Associates demanded to know what I was doing. Hence, my role as a DayTradeSPY mentor was born.

A bona fide mentor is one who has traversed the hardships and sufferings, the whipsaws and losses, and endured the rigors of learning how to navigate the stock market in a meaningful and productive manner. The mentor may not need to work in a trading pit or spew utopian theory, but rather, he or she needs to provide real answers. My partner and I want to be your mentors.

Invoke the skills and compassion of a true mentor to learn the deep dives of why markets move the way they do. A seasoned coach knows what drives the mechanics and can forecast with a high degree of accuracy where markets may be expected to go, leading you to profitable trades.

Unlike financial advisors, who take and invest your money, a strong mentor informs and protects you with your interests in mind. An honorable mentor’s reward is most often that intangible gratification of seeing others do well.

My colleague, Ahren Stephens, and I both crawled from the great abyss of the stock market and learned how to make money by day trading SPY options. We welcome the opportunity to teach others how to do it.

Please click here to learn how to day trade SPY with your personal mentors.

Take comfort in knowing:

  1. You are in the hands of professional traders with a combined 40+ years of experience who view this as a calling, not a job. We can simply trade stocks ourselves. But we want to help you. You won’t get this from a financial advisor.
  2. Ahren and I do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. You might not have the time, or more likely, you may not even know what to look for in your analysis. We have your back long before you wake up. You won’t get that from a financial advisor.
  3. We know how to interpret the market news, filter through the noise and determine what will be important for the day’s trading. Eliminate chasing after the wrong scent — we know where the big game is. You won’t get that from a financial advisor.

Get with the program. Get with the Trading Room. Your financial future may just depend on it.

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