Ideal Strategy for Those Unable to Watch the Market All Day

This is a question we often hear: “Hugh, I work all day and am not able to sit in front of charts. Is there anything you can do for me?”

Absolutely, there is!

By popular demand, we propose our Pick of the Day service for you. Every morning, Ahren and I analyze the market and decide on the direction and strength of SPY. We then pick a particular option to trade at the market open. The premise is that SPY goes up and it goes down, and from that opening bell, we identify the propensity of where the index will likely move.

This specific option Pick is sent to your Inbox shortly after 9 am, ET. We suggest you wait until the bid/ask spread settles in nice and tight, usually within a few seconds of the opening bell. If the stock is going in your direction on the one-minute chart, enter right then. If it is going against you, wait until it reverses on the one-minute chart back in your direction, then buy. Do not hesitate as these moves can be very quick. Immediately upon purchasing, put it up for sale with a “good till canceled” order for a 6% gain. Then, sit back and let the market work its magic. Usually, the sell order fills fairly soon but, at times, you may have to wait. Always use limit orders to ensure you are not overpaying for your purchases. We essentially do the fundamental and technical analysis for you; all you need to do is execute the trades.

I am reminded of one client years ago. Dan was a staff accountant and in such a predicament, was not able to trade given his work commitments. His solution was to take his laptop into the men’s room and sit on the toilet, executing his Pick of the Day. We affectionately referred to this good-natured gent as our Cubicle Three Dan. He often mentioned how he made more money trading on the throne than at his regular job. Some traders know no limits!

Is every Pick of the Day a winner? There are never any guarantees, but our success rate is exceptionally good with this strategy, scoring about 96% winners. Every so often, however, the market does take a turn for the worse, but we do have solutions to fix those positions. Repairing trades gone bad is something we demonstrate in the Trading Room, which we host every morning from 9:20 to 10:30 a.m. You would be well advised to join us.

While we use conservative buy and sell prices in our trading models, in reality, subscribers often execute at better prices than what we show. Outcomes will vary based on many factors, such as our capitalizations, risk tolerance, understanding of the strategies and even traders’ interpretations of current market conditions. Even a simple strategy such as the Pick of the Day may be traded incorrectly, if an investor is not paying attention. For those who monitor our results, you often get much greater returns than the standard 6% profit target we recommend by simply running up on our 10 and 20 exponential moving averages, exiting when the price retraces to test them on the five-minute chart.

The market provides many opportunities all day; we just have to be astute enough to take advantage of them.

Reasons to subscribe to the Pick of the Day include:

  1. A quick pick; you don’t have to do any premarket study, just trade,
  2. A clean trade you can buy, set up to sell and forget about,
  3. A very rewarding trade you can usually earn much more than the anticipated 6% if you simply pay attention,
  4. A smart, effective way to earn some money while you learn our other methodologies,
  5. You are just plain too lazy to do analysis. Believe me, we get that! (lol)

We never realized the popularity of this program until we opened it up to the masses. If participation is any indication, the world seems to be bursting with traders who do not want do the preliminary analysis. We are only too happy to oblige and provide clients with our morning Pick of the Day. Make it easy on yourself and simply subscribe to this most rewarding, profitable service that takes the guesswork out of making money.

Subscribe now to Pick of the Day!

The Pick of the Day lets us do the heavy lifting for you!

P.S. We will be holding a subscribers-only teleconference entitled “Want to Make 5% a Day? Our New Service is the Answer!”  on Nov. 15 at 3:00 p.m. EST. The teleconference is free, but you have to register here to be able to attend. Don’t miss out!

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