Introducing… SPY Signal for the Active Trader!

Like any new trader, I just wanted to be told what to trade. I didn’t care about fundamentals, crazy chart patterns and confusing support and resistance. Theta, delta, volatility?  It was all Greek to me. Just tell me what to trade, when to get in and when to get out. Why couldn’t I find a program like that?

It turns out that there are plenty of programs like that out there. Some work some of the time. Most don’t. And what about when they don’t? Do we let our trades go to zero? How many losers are we expected to absorb before we blow up our trading accounts?

As there really wasn’t anything of value out there, we had to invent it.

After all, if we’re teaching you how to be successful SPY options traders, should we not be able to indicate when the setup is ripe and return some respectable gains?

That question was posed to us by many of you. Time and again, you said, “Hugh, can you just tell us when to get in and when to sell? If you’re so good at this, surely you must know!”

Most of the time, I dismissed these pleas for help. I always thought that people should learn our methodology by themselves and take complete ownership of their trades, including doing the preliminary research that goes into every execution.

Eventually, I realized that, for whatever reason, not all traders have the time or desire to learn our system, as simple as it is. After all, it took us many years to master trading. How could we expect others to be at the same level? How much money must they lose to acquire the necessary skills?

For those very reasons, we set out to create a program for those very folks who cannot, or do not, want to do the prep work. We get it. In-depth analysis is not for everyone, just as I don’t need to know how an internal combustion engine works in order to be able to drive my car. We totally understand it. Sorry it took us 14 years to hear you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do over-the-top and extensive testing on any new program I bring in to the DayTradeSPY camp. Only after rigorous trials and assessments, tweaks and adjustments, more tweaks, pinches, nips and tugs … and then more testing, do we ever roll out anything new. But you can be sure that when we do, that methodology has been painstakingly tested, forwards and backwards, inside-out and top to bottom. In fact, we purposely look to poke holes in our designs to see where they could be vulnerable. We do not want to lose money. But we especially don’t want YOU to lose money by using our systems.

For that reason, I am proud to announce a new program that makes it as easy as possible to make money on the market: DaytradeSPY Signal alerts!

Signal Alerts! Here’s how it works. It’s as easy as one, two, three:

Three to five times a week, you will be sent a signal that triggers a buy on a particular option. Watch for a text message on your cell phone (and also an email). Upon receiving it, immediately buy the option within the next two minutes.

  1. Upon your purchase, immediately put it up for sale for a 5% gain.
  2. In the unlikely event it has not sold during the day, sell it at the market price when the market is about to close.

After exhaustive testing that lasted for almost a year and involved hundreds of data samples, we determined the optimum target to be a 5% gain, by far, most of the time. And for those times when it failed, selling it at the end of the day was the most effective way to minimize losses. No overnight holds. Free up your capital for the next day. In and out the same day.

How is this different from the Pick of the Day?

  1. You may be given multiple trades a day, at any time.
  2. No overnight holds for restless nights.
  3. Virtually instant gains.

DaytradeSPY Signal! Subscribe to this amazing program that triggers your entry and has an extremely high probably of at least a 5% gain!

Paper trade it first and see for yourself. Finally, there is an application that truly works! That said, always use safe money management techniques, regardless of your strategy. Nothing is ever 100% all the time. But at 96%+, we’re pretty darn close!

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