The Perfect Business

My entrepreneurial instinct kicked in long before I started trading.

Many years ago, living in the Western New York area, many Americans had beach houses along the Canadian side of the border on the white sandy shores of Lake Erie. As a result of many a summers vacationing there, we made friends with the Canadian kids. Unfortunately for them, they often received newly released music quite some time after we did. Back before streaming music or even CDs, we listened on round grooved discs called records. One such album was Chicago Transit Authority’s “Live at Carnegie Hall,” the band’s fourth album, released in the fall of 1971. We would buy this four LP vinyl box set for $5 at our local record store. Our Canadian friends loved Chicago but had yet no access to this exciting new music. Hence, my buddies and I filled the void. We would “export” these highly sought after records to Canada and sell them for $25 each. That was good profit for us kids back then.

I quickly learned the meaning of supply and demand, along with risk and reward. The penalty for smuggling records across the Canadian border, if caught, was double duty and taxes, still less than the $25 per record we were receiving. I’m sure border policies have changed since, so I don’t recommend this activity now.

Fast forward a few decades and the same principles apply to the stock market. There is no purer mechanism to demonstrate supply and demand than stock and options trading. The higher the demand, the greater the price. Greed kicks in and pushes prices higher. When fear dominates, prices drop like a stone. That has always been the case and always will be.

Options trading is the perfect business to take advantage of these economic laws, directly linked to human behavior. It’s all very basic: when you want something you can’t have, you want it even more and are willing to pay for it. The more you want it, the more you are willing to pay.

As a business of trading, we options traders can take full advantage of the human condition to work markets like a puppet on a string.

With options trading,

  • You can start with very little capital and earn unlimited amounts,
  • Overhead is minimal with just a computer and an internet connection, and maybe not even that if you use a cell phone,
  • You can trade whenever and wherever you want, as much or as little as you want; no one knows or cares if you are in the market,
  • You remain anonymous, never having to even get dressed to go to work as no one even knows you exist,
  • There is no inventory to purchase, process, store or sell, especially to family and friends,
  • Earn as much as you like, limited only by your skills and a working knowledge of the stock market with some basic math and solid emotional control,
  • There is no worry about procuring customers; your market is readily available at your fingertips, both for buying and selling with plenty of liquidity,
  • Never be concerned about government agencies showing up, ready to close you down because of stringent fire codes, labor laws or health regulations,
  • There will never be any challenging hiring, uncomfortable disciplining or firing of employees, and
  • In many jurisdictions, traders enjoy favorable tax considerations, being treated at lower capital gains rates.

How cool is that?

Over the years, I looked at many different business opportunities. Absolutely nothing compares to trading options. Nothing.

So, here’s the thing: not only is options trading the most perfect business, but you now have qualified, caring mentors who can teach you everything you need to know!

Never has there been a better time to enter this wild, crazy business world of options trading, where you can work for yourself, but not by yourself. Go ahead, take the plunge; we have you covered.

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Hugh and Ahren

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