Day Trading is Sexy

This story is too entertaining to not distribute.

One client, whom I will call Lester (name changed to protect the guilty), took our Ultimate Training Course many years ago. This is a program that takes you from knowing nothing to being able to assess the markets by using fundamental and technical analysis. Then, you can determine your best strategy, enter at the best times and exit trades for consistent gains. It also enables you to repair positions, should the market winds suddenly change. We even help you set up your Schwab Think or Swim charts and guide you through Tastytrade, should that be your broker of choice. You will do all this and more with complete confidence and with total emotional control to produce trades with happy endings.

Lester and I developed a bit of a rapport after a few good “one on one” sessions together. In fact, he was a very warm and gentle soul — funny and intelligent. By his estimation, he figured he was also good looking, although I have never seen him. He explained how his real job was that of a Certified Public Accountant, and he worked as a tax auditor for the Internal Revenue Service. It was secure, well-paying and had a good pension.

Lester also went on to express his frustration as to how he was never a big hit with the, ahem, ladies, if you know what I mean. Single life was taking its toll and he would have given anything to hopefully find a girlfriend and eventually a wife. He enjoyed the company of his pet cat, but he really wanted more, as he should have. I felt bad for him, as it didn’t seem like he got out much.

Lester would go to the After Five Meetings hosted by the local business organizations. He explained how he really looked forward to these events, as they were one of very few occasions where he could meet professional women. Mingling about, glass of Merlot in hand, the ladies were all very friendly and would approach Lester to chat. All was good until they asked him what he did for a living. Then, as he so innocently revealed, the women would graciously excuse themselves and vanish. Actually, they would run for the hills, to be more accurate.

Me: “What did you say, Lester, when they asked about your job?”

Lester: “Well, I told them I was a tax auditor with the Internal Revenue Service.”

Now it gets better.

Me: “Then what happened?”

Lester: “They scattered like rats fleeing a sinking ship. This happens all the time.”

I burst out laughing so hard, I thought I was going to need to change my pants. This was over the top.

Returning to the conversation, I said, “Ok, Lester. You are now a trader. Do not say you’re a tax auditor for the IRS. They consider you the enemy. Nobody likes IRS auditors. Nobody. Not even your mother. You’re a good trader, as a matter of fact. Just tell them that you are a successful stock options trader. See what happens and let me know.”

A month or so later, we had our next session. Lester explained how well this strategy worked. He went on to say that not only did the women stay but they called on their friends. More often than not, he attracted a crowd of beautiful ladies as he held court talking about trading SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA: SPY) options. He was elated at his newfound attention.

As I understand it, last I heard, he had a special someone in his life. Well done, Lester!

Whatever you did before may be irrelevant; it is what you are doing now that is more important. Trading is hot. Go ahead. Exploit it!

To be clear, we do not give dating advice in our trading room. But we can make you more attractive by allowing you to become more confident and successful. For this reason alone, you would benefit from joining our long-standing Trading Room, daily 9:20 to 10:30 a.m. ET. Ahren and I host this live event — bigger and better than ever — which is now in its 15th year. Take advantage of our 40+ years’ combined market participation.

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By the way, for those first dates… take a flower, wear nice shoes, clean your car and never show the cash in your wallet. It may be old school but it works… good luck!

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