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Tips in a Volatile Market

July 28, 2022

Rather than fear a volatile market, I like to embrace it, dance with it and profit. Always buy time. it reduces stress when you know you can let market forces vacillate the stock and the price will likely naturally come to you. Plus, you have time to repair, if need be. Keep your reserve well […]

Lessons Learned

July 11, 2022

You are never too old to learn new lessons in this business. And, as you become more experienced, the tests continue to be thrown at you. Repeatedly, until you master them. Lately, one client was enjoying his plan of targeting $200 a day profit. After a while, he upped his target to $300 as his […]

Manipulated Markets

July 8, 2022

Yes they are, get over it! One lady recently in our Trading Room expressed deep concern that “Markets are manipulated!”, as if someone from the Securities and Exchange Commission was suddenly going to appear, straighten out the pricing and imprison the manipulators. “The SEC showing up? Never gonna happen.”, I told her. Yes, markets are […]

No Two Traders Are Alike

April 25, 2022

It is for this reason we offer personal training. We all have different experiences, exposures to markets and aspirations. Understanding of markets, strategies and budgets are all unique. Why would you learn to trade a scalp strategy if you don’t see your account balance over $25k anytime soon? Even our understanding of strategies would be […]

Control Your FOMO

March 27, 2022

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a modern lexicon coined as the social anxiety from the feeling that others are making more money, having more fun or living better lives. In addition to fear, greed and ego, FOMO is the latest gremlin to dance on a trader’s head, ready to slip profits into losses. It’s […]


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Tips to Selecting a Mentor

February 27, 2022

Options trading is risky business. Just like athletes and celebrities invoke the services of mentors, so should traders. You have an obligation to do your due diligence in selecting your trading mentor. Just as you would scrutinize the services of an accountant to defend you against the IRS or ensure a lawyer is in your […]

Money to Brains Ratio

January 30, 2022

Just like everything, I find that we are given challenges to our ability to handle them. As our trading experience – and trading accounts – grow, we are given a different set of tests. Harder tests. Something I teach in my course, not found anywhere else, but vitally important as you grow your account… it’s […]

Sequence of a Trade

December 30, 2021

Asked a while back how I get into a SPY options position, I replied just how I did it. Step 1: Check your personal situation… are you well rested, free of medications and 100% in the space? Step 2: Check the news… news moves markets. Knowing what is relevant and how it affects pricing is […]

Welcome New Traders!

November 28, 2021

It is always good to see young, fresh blood enter the markets; very comforting knowing that you are learning how to create wealth on your own without relying on a pay check from an employer. As new traders, you will be exposed to tons of hype, especially from sketchy outfits trying to grab your cash. […]

The Trouble with ‘Free’

September 10, 2021

Who doesn’t like something for free? We sometimes get requests for free trials. “If I like it, Hugh, I’ll subscribe.”, they write. Except one thing: we do not give free trials. We used to many years ago but not anymore. In the end, nothing is free and nobody truly benefits. a) If I give you […]

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